As Will (Dean Andrews) secretly continues the search for Jamie Tate on Emmerdale, Kim (Claire King) starts to get suspicious of what he might be up to. Knowing how devastated Kim would be if she found out what was really going on, Will’s determined not to say anything until he really has to.

He’s hired a shady man called Mike to look for Jamie, and Mike tells him that a man fitting Jamie’s description has been seen near Hazel’s house and the best way to find out if it’s Jamie is through a DNA test.

Will obtains a DNA sample kit and takes a sample of Thomas’s hair, handing it to Mike with a deadline of 24 hours. At the time when Mike is supposed to show up with the test results, Will is shocked when he refuses to hand them over, instead demanding £3,000 from Will before he does so.

Will doesn’t have the cash available and asks for more time, which he uses to transfer funds from the company account to pay Mike.

Will feels massively guilty, especially when Jimmy (Nick Miles) tells him the haulage company has lost another client and finances are getting tight. But the net really closes in on Will when Kim discovers £3,000 in his bag and sees his laptop open and displaying the company accounts.

Is Will going to be forced to come clean about why he needed the money?

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