Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) was livid when Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) ruined her wedding day in Emmerdale, so she sought revenge by stealing his money — the money which he’d syphoned from Kim Tate (Claire King) — but, with Graham having ended up dead the following day — and Marlon (Mark Charnock) having found himself prime suspect — Charity refused to reveal her actions on the night in question — but the truth comes to light in the coming episodes, and it leaves Marlon devastated.

With Marlon no longer behind bars, he revels in being a free man once more — and he’s genuinely touched by the support and love of his friends. However, April (Amelia Flanagan) has problems with school bullies, as she’s targeted by a bully who texts her — and in the text, the person calls her dad a ‘murderer.’

Marlon later discovers what’s been going on, and — feeling guilty — he proceeds to inform his daughter about how real friends are loyal and trustworthy.

Speaking of loyal and trustworthy, he feels betrayed when he later discovers that Charity (Emma Atkins) and Ryan (James Moore) stole Kim’s money. As a result, he makes The Woolpack landlady reveal that she withheld important evidence — evidence that could’ve freed him — to all of the Dingles.

Matters are further complicated when he learns that Kim may have hired someone to kill Graham.
Feeling unable to trust anyone, he forces Mandy (Lisa Riley) to move out, before revealing that he’s done with all of the Dingles.

Is this the end for Marlon and Charity?

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