As we have seen, the unexpected arrival of Izzie (Bethan Moore) at Daniel and Zara’s (Matthew Chambers and Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) home has caused a fair bit of turmoil recently.

This week, Emma (Dido Miles) and Zara are discussing how Izzie isn’t a big fan of school in the staff room when Izzie herself walks in. It is a school Inset Day and she wants money so that she can go shopping with Valerie (Sarah Moyle).

Izzie and Valerie try on various assorted tops and try on some makeup. With Valerie’s full agreement, Izzie takes some pictures of this and posts them online. Later on, Zara calls Izzie while she is having drinks with Valerie in The Icon. Izzie assures Zara that the shopping trip went well.

The next day, Daniel later thanks Valerie for going shopping with Izzie. Valerie acknowledges his thanks and mentions that she hasn’t heard from Izzie today. Daniel explains she is off sick today with a stomach bug.

Later, Valerie notices Izzie has removed all the pictures she took of them both from social media.

That evening, Daniel notices Izzie is behaving strangely. Despite claiming otherwise, she doesn’t actually seem sick at all. She makes a show of attempting to do her homework but doesn’t really do any and seems to be distracted by endless message notifications arriving on her phone.

What is going on?

Could it be something to do with the pictures of Valerie which she posted on social media the day before?

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