Slow Horses: Apple TV+ releases trailer for new series

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Based on the bestselling series by Mick Herron, Slow Horses became another major hit for Apple TV+ when the notoriously indifferent Jackson Lamb (played by Gary Oldman) and his team of failed MI5 agents debuted last year. The Slough House agents are back for another thrilling mission this December, and series regulars Dustin Demri-Burns and Christopher Chung have spoken to about the show’s future.

The next seasons of Slow Horses could deviate massively from Mick’s original series of books.

Comprising eight books and three novellas, the original series is still ongoing, with the latest instalment, Bad Actors, releasing earlier this year.

Apple’s hit small-screen adaptation has already been renewed for a third and fourth season, but fans are currently unsure which entries the series will choose to adapt.

“With [season two] we started to kind of move away from the literal plots of the books,” Christopher explained.

“So there’s a bit more freedom to move away from the source material.”

“And there’s a little more physically outside of Slough House, as well,” Dustin added on the agents’ expanded roles.

“It’s more open and airy, with a slightly different energy, a different scope to it.

“It’s not a direct continuation, it’s a different movie, you know? In a sense.”

Based on the 2013 novel Dead Lions, season two could see the grounded agents taking to the field more often to help Jackson and River Cartwright’s (Jack Lowden) latest mission.

These changes could lead to further deviations from Mick’s novels when the third and fourth instalments are eventually released.

Although the novel series continued with the 2015 novella The List, full-length entries Real Tigers and Spook Street will form the basis of seasons three and four.

However, fans are still unsure where Dustin and Christopher’s characters Min Harper and Roddy Ho could be headed once their current case is wrapped up.

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“I know where he goes!” Christopher teased.

“I’d like to see him develop a bit more… I’d just like the audience to see him outside the world of Slough House.”

“On a date?” Dustin quipped. To which Christopher replied: “I think that would be great fun.

“[Dander’s (Aimee-Ffion Edwards)] not my type, but he’d probably have a pass at Louisa (Rosalind Eleazar), for sure.”

Author Mick has also hinted future seasons may not directly follow his original vision for the Slough House series.

“I’ve been very happy with the approach they’re taking, and I certainly don’t require the plotting to be step-to-step in line with the book,” he told the RadioTimes.

“Because what would be the point of that in the long run? We want to be more creative and carry on being creative with the adaptation.”

Lead star Gary is expected to head up all four seasons, but readers could expect some huge surprises to befall some of their favourite characters as the drama continues.

Slow Horses season 2 continues Fridays on Apple TV+.

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