SISTER Wives star Kody Brown’s “favorite” Robyn was RIPPED for hiring a nanny as his other wives must raise their children alone.

It was revealed that Robyn, 43, has hired a nanny for her kids in a preview for next week’s episode of the TLC show.

The latest episode of Sister Wives ended with a teaser for next Sunday’s episode, which showed Kody’s wife Christine, 49, learning that Robyn has a nanny for her kids.

In the clip, Christine wondered why Robyn is allowed to have a nanny come in her home during the coronavirus pandemic but her own daughter Ysabel can’t spend time with her siblings.

She addressed Kody, 52: “You have a nanny over. She’s over all the time.

“I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out. She’s devastated.”

Christine also wondered what the nanny does since Robyn is the only one of Kody’s wives that doesn’t work and seemingly doesn’t leave her house.

In the next episode, fans will get more of a look into why Robyn has a nanny and if she really needs one.

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However, some fans couldn’t wait until next week and instead took to Twitter to slam the reality star.


One fan wrote: "Robyn has a nanny?? Lmao what?!?! With only 2 younger children, no job, a husband there full time, 3 older kids in the house, NO JOB?! Wth lol omg."

Another added: "Robyn has a nanny…? A freakin nanny? Yet @MeriBrown1 can’t come over (riddle me that nonsense), and Kody couldn’t go away for a few weeks to be with HIS DAUGHTER?!?! Drop the go flag, cause it’s ALL on Robyn and this s**t is gonna hit the fan."

Others took to Reddit to praise Christine for asking why Robyn needs a nanny.

Alongside a gif of Christine wondering why Robyn is allowed to hire help for her kids, one fan wrote: "You tell ‘em Christine!!!"

While many fans agreed that Christine had a right to be upset, others took the opportunity to rip Robyn in the Reddit thread.

One person wrote: "Robyn seriously must be the laziest mom in the whole world. And the most selfish sister wife.

"Robyn doesn't even have any little kids anymore. What does the Nanny do? I also want to know what does Robyn do."

Others agreed that Christine deserves to know about the nanny, as one person argued "she is helping pay for the nanny."

In addition to Robyn and Christine, Kody is also married to Meri, 50, and Janelle, 52.

Kody has 18 kids between his four wives, while Robyn also has children from a previous relationship.


The family's patriarch allowing Robyn to hire a nanny may have been the final straw for Christine, who left Kody last month.

Christine confirmed her split from Kody in November following several tense months and much speculation.

She has been open with fans following the split and admitted she has "good and bad" days.

However, Christine assured fans that she feels "like a much better person" after calling it quits.

Christine is ready for a fresh start, as she sold her home in Arizona and moved into a $1.1M Utah duplex near one of her daughters.

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