Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Selling Sunset season five arrived with the hit Netflix show’s typical blend of luxurious properties, jaw-dropping landscapes and, of course, some rather catty rivalries among the agents at The Oppenheim Group on Friday, April 22. And one new arrival who certainly ruffled feathers among the cast was Chelsea Lazkani who joined forces with Christine Quinn and made it her mission to impress the likes of Jason and Brett Oppenheim to become part of the team.

And her attempts to woo her potential new employers came to the forefront arguably none more so than in the seventh episode of season five.

In the instalment, Chelsea and Christine waltzed into the Oppenheim Group offices armed with an offer from a client for one of Jason’s listings in Franklin.

Chelsea’s client offered $30,000 above the asking price, with a two-week close and no contingencies, plus the offer was in all-cash – ousting the likes of Heather Rae El Moussa’s client.

All Jason needed to do was to go and make the call to his client and see if they’d accept the offer – although it’s safe to say fans soon found themselves focusing on something very different instead of Chelsea’s offer.

“That’s pretty solid, Chelsea. That’s actually really impressive,” Jason said. “Let me call my guy.”

Jason got to his feet and stood outside the front door of the office while Christine shot a wink at her pal and said: “I’m proud of you babe.”

While Chelsea admitted it was “nerve-wracking” waiting inside the office, Jason appeared to be winning over his client on the phone.

“All cash, two-week close. Yeah. No, I figured, yeah,” Jason could be heard conversing – although, there was just one problem with the scene: Jason had his camera open on his phone rather than a call.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the capture button along with the photo library icon on the screen of Jason’s phone when he was supposedly making a call.

And a number of fans wasted no time in highlighting the blunder online, with many seeing the funny side.

Twitter user @ITsAbt_ME said: “#sellingsunsets5 y’all got to explain this part @netflix. Nobody was on the phone Jason. 

“Y’all should have redid the scene. #SellingSunset,” they fumed.

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Elsewhere, @ellhcky added: “How funny jason was on the camera on his phone when he was supposedly talking to the buyer that chelsea found #sellingsunset.”

And @toppedwkiwi echoed: “They really tried to make it seem like Jason was on the phone when we can clearly see his camera on!!! #SellingSunset.”

“I’m sorry but the clip of Jason on the phone when it’s the camera app is hilarious #SellingSunset,” @forget_xistence weighed in.

While @Sinesipo queried: “Why was Jason making a phone but camera was open? lol #SellingSunset.”

And @neshacm found the slip-up funny as they tweeted: “Why is Jason acting like he is on a call but he’s talking to the camera app? #SellingSunset,” followed by crying emojis. (sic)

While he may not have actually made the call to his client, Jason did reenter the office with good news.

“Well, ladies. I’m a man of my word, so I’d like you guys to meet the newest member of the Oppenheim Group,” he said, fulfilling his promise that if Chelsea bought him an offer she could have a job.

The cast all gave a round of applause as Chelsea cemented herself as part of the team.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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