SEEKING Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s potential sister wife Tayler Monique was once arrested for driving while intoxicated, as she exclusively revealed to The Sun that the bust inspired the "healing" life path she is on today.

Dimitri, 40, and Ashley, 34, are seeking Georgia-based henna artist Tayler to be their sister wife on TLC's Seeking Sister Wife.

The Sun can exclusively reveal Tayler, 31, was arrested on October 29, 2010 for driving while intoxicated in Houston, Texas. 

According to the incident report obtained by The Sun, Tayler was arrested around 3:05am and was held on $500 bail.  

Court documents reveal she was charged with “unlawfully operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated.”

Tayler agreed to a plea deal that included completing the DIVERT Pretrial Intervention program, which she did in January 2021. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Tayler gave her side of the arrest, which occurred when she was just 20 years old.

The Georgia-based henna artist explained: "I was very young coming home from college to visit friends and family for the holidays. We went out and on the way home got pulled over.

"The officer asked me to step out of the car for a field sobriety test that I passed. I did confess that I had a few beers and I was 20 at the time. Because I was underage, they took me into holding. I wasn’t physically impaired."

At the guidance of her lawyer, Tayler accepted a plea deal and agreed to complete the program, which included group meetings and community service. 

Tayler explained of the program: “It was my first opportunity to sit in a group setting. The people who were there, we were not the same. I didn’t feel like I could relate to anyone, but we had more in common than I was able to face at that time.

"I enjoyed the community service. I did a food bank for a while where I was able to feed the homeless. That was nice to see the people who needed that and to be able to help. I started working at a thrift store where people would donate clothes instead of sell them. My community service was pleasant because I got to help people."

The experience shaped Tayler's life today, as it helped her stay on a path clear of alcohol and full of natural healing.

Tayler continued: "I learned so much about people’s daily lives and how to were able to cope. I was in a program with people drinking their problems away. I learned alcoholism is a sickness.

"Since then, I have monitored the way I drink. At 31, I don’t drink at all. I never want to be in jail, be in an accident. I want to be responsible. I don’t want my body to deteriorate. I don’t need to be drunk to have fun.

"I learned to evoke happiness and have a free spirit from within instead of using alcohol. I learned at 20 years old the road not to go down."

Today, Tayler helps people “heal themselves” with holistic retreats, as her next one coming up is on May 28 in Tulum, Mexico. 

Tayler said of The Divine Healing Experience: "“Eleven years later I am now in a space where I help people heal themselves. I host retreats with natural healing. I teach people how to begin their spiritual and emotional healing journey on their own.

"For most people it starts off with being honest with yourself and who you are. Where your limitations are. I live that by example. I live a beautiful, colorful life. In whatever way, my journey of healing myself can inspire others to heal themselves as well. 

"It’s important to not feel like you need to go outside of yourself to fix yourself. People pray to God to fix them, but you have the power to heal and feel your own pain to get to the other side or you’ll never be okay. No one can teach you. I teach self healing through dance, henna and lot of fun!"

On Seeking Sister Wife, Tayler traveled to California to meet Dimitri, Ashley and their three young children. 

The couple is also courting Christeline, who is from South Africa.

Tayler told Dimitri’s wife Ashley of a potential sex schedule: “Speaking of sharing, we already set the D schedule. I like it in the morning. Christeline can be getting D in the night.”

Ashley said in her confessional: “Um that’s kind of scary to think about.” 

Dimitri has kissed Christeline and Tayler on the show, as he has formed a connection with both. 

Tayler enjoyed her time with the Snowdens so much that she asked them if she could stay with them in their $900,000 Woodland Hills, California home. 

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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