Prince Harry says Diana would be ‘heartbroken’ about William feud

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On Sunday night, Prince Harry sat down with ITV journalist Tom Bradby to discuss his upcoming memoir, Spare, and his relationship with his family and the media. Harry has hit every news headline since the interview, with the former head of royal protection, Dai Davies claiming the Royal Family will need the extra security as a result.

Dai Davies joined GB News presenter Stephen Dixon on Monday afternoon and said his comments will cause security concerns for him, the Royal Family, and members of the public attending large outdoor events.

He claimed: “His family, both in America, but also the Royal Family here in the United Kingdom and when they travel abroad.

“It also impacts on the rest of us, because security now will have to be heightened both for the royals and any large events.

“More so perhaps than before the comments made by him regarding the Taliban as pieces of chess when he killed them allegedly.

“So it hasn’t done anyone any favours, particularly himself and I just think it was a lunatic decision to make it.”

Stephen asked: “What does this mean in terms of protection for him, do you think from your experience?

“Not sort of just living day to day but the big events he is part of, charity events, Invictus games and all these sorts of things.

“It is going to make, for a few years, security on those quite difficult.”

Dai explained: “Well again, you are absolutely right. The Invictus Games and other where either he or his family are likely to go, are going to impact on the overall security package.

“Every time a Royal or a former working royal like Harry goes anywhere there is a new plan every time.”

Stephen added: “Let me just finish by asking you, do you think this is going to have a direct impact on what Royal protection do for Royals in the UK?”

The former Head of Royal Protection revealed: “Yes I do certainly and I would be upping the ante as far as all our royals are concerned for the foreseeable future.

“As a consequence of this man’s remarks, it was stupid, it was silly and it was unnecessary and I just don’t know where he is coming from on it.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond has recently told GB News: “He is a likeable sort of chap. He’s clearly immensely damaged, very understandably, by the trauma of losing his mother, far more damaged than we were ever led to believe.

“But I think he’s also a little bit deluded by these ideas of world peace…and also that he is on a sole mission it seems to protect the United Kingdom from the evil, evil press.

“He has very lofty ambitions and I’m glad he’s happy. But any path to peace, harmony and reconciliation has been severely damaged by what he has said, particularly about Camilla.

“I’ve always thought that Charles has a red line, and I think Harry crossed it.”

He opened up on the impact of his mother’s death, Princess Diana, in 1997 and how his teenage years were drug and alcohol-fuelled.

Harry also touched on his relationship with Prince William and his father King Charles III, claiming that he wanted them both “back”.

Harry: The Interview is available to watch on ITVX.

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