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    Prince Harry has been slammed following the release of his dramatic memoir, Spare, which has caused uproar across the country.

    Hereditary Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia unleashed a blistering attack against the King's son, claiming claimed Harry has become "too woke" after marrying his wife, Meghan Markle, in 2018.

    While members of the British Royal Family have remained tight-lipped about the accusations in Harry's memoir, it's believed that some relatives have been left "hurt".

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    In one extract, Harry, 38, sensationally claims that his stepmother, Queen Camilla, was responsible for leaking stories about him to the press – while also describing her as "the villain".

    Now, Prince Philip, 40, has hit out at Prince Harry during an appearance on GB News alongside host Nigel Farage.

    The prince said: "It's all theatre, he's making a lot of money out of it, both him and Meghan.

    "I think that's disrespectful towards the family."

    He went on to add: "They said they wanted to be left alone, but here they are making $100 million Netflix shows and then he's going on to huge interviews and they are coming up with a book called Spare – it's probably some Freudian fantasyland in there, I really don't think it's respectful.

    "I used to sort of relate to Prince Harry when I was younger; he had the cheeky side it was all quite fine and everything

    "I had respect for him but since getting together with Meghan, and there's nothing wrong with Meghan, they became a little bit too woke."

    Philip continued: "They obviously didn't respect what the monarchy stands for, as I was talking before, monarchy is about the lower time preference, philosophy, that lasts for a long time.

    "It creates customs, respect and continuity and there they are saying 'No, no, no, me, me, me," before Nigel cut him off claiming it was "disgusting".

    In an excerpt from Spare, Harry launches an attack against his stepmother, claiming she had "a campaign aimed at marriage, and eventually the Crown, with Pa's blessing we presumed."

    He adds: "Stories began to appear everywhere in all the papers about her private conversation with Willie [Prince William], stories that contained pinpoint accurate details, none of which had come from Willie, of course.

    "They could only have been leaked by the other one other person present."

    But when confronted over these attacks by ITV's Tom Bradby, Harry disputed claims that his comments were scathing, explaining: "There's no part of any of the things that I've said are scathing towards any member of my family, especially not my stepmother."


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