“Are you kidding me? NOOOOO!” Kyle says. “Who goes to these lengths? Who wrote the questions? Who ordered the test?”

Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne think it’s downright laughable that Lisa Vanderpump would subject herself to a lie-detector test to prove her innocence against the accusations she’s leaked stories to the press.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa had a long chat with Camille Grammer about her fallen friendship with Kyle. She half-rhetorically asked if she needed to take a lie-detector test to prove to Kyle and the ladies she didn’t leak that PuppyGate story to Radar Online.

The preview for next week’s episode showed Lisa hooked up to a polygraph machine 24 hours after her visit with Camille. She was accompanied by her Vanderpump Dogs confidant, John Sessa, and asked by the administrator, "Have you ever given a story to Radar Online?" She replied, "This is quite tight, this blood pressure thing, isn’t it?" Naturally, we’ll have to wait and see if she passes next week, but Kyle’s already got some thoughts on the matter.

"Are you kidding me? NOOOOO!" she tweeted. "Who goes to these lengths? Who wrote the questions? Who ordered the test?" She also quote-retweeted a fan who said, "That looked super set up, and John Sessa there? So weird!" Kyle replied, "I mean, I don’t think the FBI was behind this."

Another fan urged Kyle to "take a lie detector test" of her own, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. "For what?" she asked. "And that’s normal?"

Later on, Erika stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," where she echoed Kyle’s sentiments on the whole situation.

When Andy asked her how she felt about LVP’s "attempt to prove her innocence," Erika chuckled and said, "That’s not the way to do it." She also said her immediate reaction to the scene was "exactly what Kyle just tweeted! Who does that?"

That wasn’t the only thing Kyle tweeted in regard to Tuesday’s episode. She went on to respond to everything Lisa said in her chat with Camille, tweeting, "I didn’t give up a friend. I was just was being honest. Lisa is the one that chose to walk away from everyone."

To Lisa’s accusation that she "enjoyed" throwing her under the bus, Kyle responded, "I didn’t enjoy throwing Lisa under the bus like she stated. She just didn’t like what I had to say."

"The thing that people don’t get is the Radar story wasn’t the main issue," she continued. "It’s what happened at Vanderpump Dogs and the two Johns [Sessa and Blizzard] bringing Lucy out. Lisa and Dorit [Kemsley] were close, so it hurt. Lisa was most upset about the Radar thing, not us. We wanted to talk and move on."

A fan replied, "Wasn’t the whole fight at the house about the Radar story? There was literally an entire episode dedicated to this."

"Yes," Kyle responded. "I told her to let her know about the conversation, not to fight about it. It became a fight that didn’t need to happen. We wanted her to come back into the group. Taking a lie-detector test is extreme. We could have talked through it. Instead, it blew up and became all about this."

"Wait a minute," someone else chimed in. "Your big argument with Lisa was about the Radar story. People continuously brought up who leaked the story. This is completely contradictory."

Again, Kyle maintained, "I never intended it to be an argument. It was supposed to be a discussion to fill [her] in about the lunch convo. It BECAME a big argument, I believe, because Ken [Todd] got involved. It could have been two friends discussing the situation, like Lisa and I did when we recently bumped into each other."

When yet another critic asked Kyle if she felt Dorit was at fault for letting Lucy end up at a shelter that wasn’t Vanderpump Dogs, therefore breaking her contract with Vanderpump Dogs, she replied, "Obviously, it would have been better to give the dog back to the center, but Dorit thought she found the dog a great home and did tell Lisa that. And I am a dog lover but understand that some dogs and homes are not a match."

Kyle and Lisa also addressed their fallout and the potential for reconciliation during Bravo’s new "RHOBH After Show."

"I think as Lisa’s friend for this many years, I know her very well," Kyle said. "I know the song and dance, and I may let things slide just because it’s easier, but we have fun! I don’t want the fact that we’ve had this argument and we’re not speaking at the moment and the fact that we were good friends and laughed and had fun together to get lost in all of that. It’s just — some people require more attention and more work than others, and she’s one of those people."

When a producer asked Lisa if she saw her relationship with Kyle being repaired soon, Lisa said, "Well, I have no idea as of right now. Certainly, I think people are perpetuating the negativity just by things they’re saying continually, and I don’t think that’s gonna help, really. I mean, we’ve been through rough times before, but I think this one kind of superseded them all."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in Bravo.

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