EVER wondered what the original actress who played Lauren Branning in EastEnders is up to now?

In 2006, 12-year-old Madeline Duggan joined the cast of the much-loved soap, where she played the role of Max Branning’s eldest daughter Lauren for four years.

Young Madeline Duggan was an experienced actress before joining the EastEnders cast.

She appeared in the West End production of Les Miserables at the age of nine as well as taking on a lead role in a short film Between Us in 2005.

She joined the soap at the same time as Lorna Fitzgerald, who played her screen sibling Abi Branning.

One of her juiciest scenes was when she exposed Stacey and Max’s affair during a Christmas special in 2007.

After filming the pair on her video camera, mischievous Lauren burned the footage on to a DVD before playing it to the entire family on Christmas Day.

In 2008, Madeline’s character was embroiled in another tense plotline when she was groomed by paedophile Tony King.

After Madeline left the popular soap in 2010, the role was taken up by actress Jacqueline Jossa.

Even though she waved goodbye to Albert Square, super glam Madeline hasn’t given up on the world of acting.

In 2012, Madeline took up the role of Amy Chester in crime drama Silent Witness.

The following year, she starred as a waitress in Channel 4 drama Dates, Sky Atlantic’s French detective series The Tunnel: Sabotage and Home Alone in 2017.

As well as her television roles, Madeline has appeared in some films including Between Us, Spoilt Eggs, Everyone's Going To Die, and most recently Maybe I'm Fine.

In 2010, she appeared in musical Rules of Love alongside Laura Aikman, Daniel Anthony and Charlie Clay.

The soap star has also shown her face in two music videos – Feeder's Borders and Shaduno's Funhouse.

When she’s not acting, London-based Madeline can be seen sharing stunning selfies on social media.

The beauty boasts an impressive 22.8k followers on Instagram and recently celebrated her 27th birthday.

She also loves to share her thoughts about popular TV shows including Love Island on Twitter.

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