Prince Harry: Australian news hosts react to ‘Spare’ passage

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Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir was officially released on Tuesday, and more shocking extracts from the book continue to be discussed around the world. During Wednesday morning’s instalment of Australia’s Today, presenters Alex Cullen and Brooke Boney didn’t hide how mortified they were as they heard how Prince Harry had described an X-rated encounter with Meghan.

The national breakfast programme saw the hosts discussing extracts from the heavily-anticipated book, and for this particular segment, co-star Lara Vella was tasked with reciting a “teaser” from the risque pages.

She read aloud: “I knocked and suspended breathing while I waited. The door flew open. That smile.

“Her hair was partly covering her eyes, her arms were reaching for me.

“She pulled me inside and thanked her friend in one fluid motion, then slammed the door quickly before anyone saw.”

The presenter continued: “I want to say we hung a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, but I don’t think there was enough time.”

Alex and Brooke gasped as they listened to the extract, wincing at the detail.

Brooke covered her face in shock and shrieked while the extract was read.

Composing herself, Brooke joked: “In the audiobook, he reads that… so imagine him saying that in his voice in your ear.”

She went on: “You’re driving along in the car, maybe going for a walk with the dog [and] Harry’s saying that.”

The broadcaster then gagged before her colleague joked: “You’re pulling over for that bit.”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” the stunned presenter added.

It comes as news outlets across the world recount the shocking statements made in Spare.

A number of revelations about the Duke of Sussex’s relationship with his brother Prince William have been delved into in the memoir, as well as the Prince’s feelings towards Camilla, Queen Consort.

Other unexpected narratives from Harry include his recollections of losing his virginity in a field behind a pub, as well as having a frostbitten penis.

The extract in question came from the 38-year-old’s descriptions of the early days of his and Meghan’s romance.

According to the royal, he was left “breathless” as he waited outside of Meghan’s hotel room.

The pair began dating in 2016 which saw them engage in a long-distance relationship due to their work commitments.

Attempting to keep their relationship private, Meghan told Harry to meet her at her hotel by using a secret entrance via the freight lift.

When he arrived, Harry then met Meghan’s friend Vanessa, who took him to Meghan’s room.

Today airs daily on Channel Nine in Australia.

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