PIERS Morgan was called a "handsy hubby" by his wife Celia Walden as she posted a sexy snap of him holding her leg.

But the presenter, 56, joked in the Instagram comments: "That's not my hand".

The picture of the couple in the back of a cab shows Celia, 45, wearing thigh-high boots and a dress.

With Piers' hand placed on his wife's leg, she said: "NSICs, we used to call them when I was young and single. Not Safe In Cabs. I only went and married one #handsyhubby #haveyousanitised."

Piers looked suited and booted in the snap – with one eagle-eyed follower claiming he had his Calvin Klein socks on inside out.

Celia's followers bombarded the couple with compliments, with one saying: "You guys are so cute."

Another added: "Lovely couple."

Someone else added: "Your husband Piers Morgan is a perfect man. I wish more men were like him. Where can I find another Piers Morgan?"

Piers recently revealed that Celia told him that women only find him attractive when they're drunk.

The presenter recently came out top on ‘Most Popular Beer-Goggles Pin-up’ poll, beating Jeremy Clarkson, Boris Johnson and Simon Cowell.

The poll revealed that some 39 per cent of women wouldn’t usually find the presenter attractive – but think differently once they’ve had a few.

And it seems that Piers’ wife Celia Walden is in agreement.

Writing in his Mail on Sunday Diary, Piers said: “The more I thought about this ‘victory’, the less complimentary it felt.

“‘What nonsense,’ I spluttered indignantly to my wife Celia. ‘I can’t believe women only find me hot when they’re drunk.’

“‘No, it’s true,’ she replied. ‘I’m one of them.’”

Journalist Celia started going out with former newspaper editor Piers after he interviewed her for a British GQ shoot she was involved in.

Piers said he knew she was "bride material" early on in their relationship when she laughed at him during a speech that went wrong in front of 1,000 people.

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