Phillip Schofield collapsed with exasperation during an intense Million Pound Cube challenge on a recent episode.

The game host dropped to his knees and fell back on the floor after watching Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton failing to pass the task.

Kevin, 38, was required to balance a silver orb on a disc and connect it to a magnet suspended above it.

In a clip from the show on Saturday (October 24), Kevin comes tantalisingly close to winning the challenge but the orb changes its direction as he tries to attach it to the magnet.

He drops the ball to the floor as Phillip collapses in disbelieve.

The This Morning presenter then lies on the floor saying: "I can't remember in nine series of this show ever feeling like this.

"Oh my God Kevin. You must be knackered!"

Kevin said during the that his arm was starting to shake and later revealed he needed a medic to check on him after he was left in pain following the challenge.

He wrote on Twitter: "I never once had any injuries on Strictly. After The Cube the medic rushed in with ibuprofen."

Kevin ended off winning £10,000 for charity during the challenge, with long-term host Phil branding it the "most deserved" win the show had ever witnessed.

Phillip also shared a picture of himself collapsed on the floor to his fans on Twitter.

"First time The Cube has ever done this to me," he wrote.

"Insider fact … Kevin Clifton balanced that silver ball above his head for nearly 40 minutes."

On Friday's episode, Phillip was close to tears as a contestant decided to give his £100,000 winning prize to his two children.

Adam told Phillip he was giving his share of the winnings to his daughter Rachel, who was watching in the crowd, while his son could pocket the other half.

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