People Just Do Nothing ended with Kurupt FM parting ways as Mc Grindah was kicked out of the tower block he lived in with wife Miche (Lily Brazier) and her daughter Angel (Olivia Jasmine Edwards).

As he was forced to leave Brentford it meant the Kurupt FM crew would no longer be able to broadcast their pirate radio show as easily.

The group were therefore forced to part ways, with the group splitting up and it seems it was the only possible way to end the show.

Speaking exclusively to, the cast explained the show could only come to a close with the departure of MC Grindah.

Discussing how they decided on the ending, Seapa said: “I think it was about series two or three we decided.”

“We wanted to end it at three,” Steve Stamp, who plays Steven ‘Steves’ Green laughed. “I think we didn’t know.”

He went on to add: “We had to work out a way that Grindah, it had to be Grindah that separated everything.”

“That is true yeah,” Seapa continued. “It was like, we always spoke about splitting up but like it was said, it would only work is Grindah left somehow.”

Steve added: “It was how we got rid of Grindah in a way.”

“It would never end,” Seapa smiled.

Steve explained: “If he was still there, if anybody else left, Grindah would still keep Kurupt going because it’s his thing.

“But if he left, Kurupt had to end because he’s so selfish he wouldn’t let it go on without him.”

“We’re writing the film though so it’s kind of like the bandits back together, well it has to be, or what’s the point of the film?” Seapa laughed.

Joking about what fans could expect from the film, Chabud ‘Chabuddy G’ Gul star Asim Chaudry teased it was an “arthouse film, it’s silent and filmed backwards”.

While the cast kept their cards close to their chest, Seapa did confirm “it will be out next year at some point”.

As fans wait to watch the film, they can watch Kurupt FM’s collaboration with Santander for their latest fraud awareness campaign, MC Grindah’s Deadliest Dupes.

The three-part mini series sees MC Grindah go undercover to investigate the murky underbelly of scams and fraud.

They focus on frauds that commonly affect younger people including identity theft, online scams and money laundering.

Speaking about why Kurupt FM teamed up with the bank, Seapa said: “They came with an idea that was in the same sort of vein of an idea we had a few years before.

“So we kind of always wanted to spoof, amongst other things, Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men, and then so they came with the idea and said we could have as much creative control over it and we just felt like it was for a good cause and we got to make some good content. It’s in the same vein as the TV show.”

He added the cast had always talked about producing a mini series in the past, noting: “We have spoke about a little mini online series before where it would be Beats and Grindah investigating the deadliest men and Steve goes investigates aliens and Chabuddy Dispatches.”

The digitally led campaign will run across Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube and more information can be found at

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