THE LATE Paul O'Grady will return to our screens tonight for the start of the final ever series of For the Love of Dogs.

Paul passed away suddenly at the age of 67 with his husband Andre by his side.

The TV legend's fans will watch on as Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs airs at 8:30pm tonight.

The show, filmed at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, will feature Paul taking care of some pooches as he tries to find them new homes.

It comes as ITV put together a tribute show showing brief highlights of Paul’s long and varied career.

Read our Paul O'Grady blog below for the latest updates…

  • Louis Allwood

    Paul O’Grady spoke about his own death in an interview 

    Paul O’Grady spoke about his own death in a past interview and insisted he had “no fear” of dying.

    After suffering two of three heart attacks – one in 2003 and another in 2006 he said: “I do count my blessings. I have had two heart attacks, and if I get to 60 that will be amazing. I don’t fear anything nowadays.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Paul O’Grady’s heartbreaking final post

    Paul O’Grady spoke of his heartache at losing one of his beloved pets just days before he died at age 67.

    Just two weeks ago Paul told how he was grieving – after the loss of one of his beloved pet pigs.

    Along with a video of the hog, animal lover Paul wrote: “Got back from a week in Newcastle playing Miss Hannigan in Annie to find that Tom Tom, one of my pigs had been put to sleep. 

    “I knew it was coming as he’d been diagnosed with a tumour but even so it’s awful when you lose a pet. 

    “He was the cheekiest of the gang and one of the other pigs who was obviously very fond of him is now depressed and gone into mourning and there’s those who say that animals don’t have feelings. 

    “On a lighter note I’m thoroughly enjoying playing Hannigan again after so long especially with a truly amazing and lovely cast. Next stop Edinburgh.”

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    Last picture of Paul O’Grady

    Days before his death, Paul was spotted in a bar in Edinburgh smiling with punters.

    In a picture shared to social media, Paul beamed as he clutched a drink with a fan, who described the “legend” as a “lovely man”.

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    Paul O’Grady tried to convince the Queen to adopt a corgi 

    Paul O'Grady asked the Queen to adopt a stricken corgi, it has been revealed.

    The telly great tried to get the beloved monarch to take a pooch home with her to add to her famous pack when she visited Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

    Ali Taylor, head of canine behaviour at the charity, has told The Sunday Times of the Lily Savage actor's work with animals – and revealing his "sneaky tactics" of using his celeb connections to help house pets.

    The dog expert revealed that Paul had so much love for the often abandoned and abused animals at Battersea that he went to great lengths to find them homes.

    This included putting in calls to big-name pals to try and get them to adopt a pup.

    Ali recalled: "Those he couldn’t take home with him, he’d try to find a home for.

    "He’d always be on his phone to friends. He’d say, 'I’ve got a plan'.

    "Paul had a close relationship with the Royal Family — when the late Queen Elizabeth visited Battersea, he was trying hard to persuade her to take a Corgi home.

    "He also had a brilliant relationship with our royal patron, Camilla — she has two Jack Russells from Battersea."

  • Louis Allwood

    Paul’s pal reveals they shared ‘best conversation ever’ just a day before he died

    Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Paul O’Grady’s close pal Linda Thorson revealed the pair shared a phone call just a day before he died.

    She said: “Paul rung me on Tuesday at 3PM and we spoke for an hour.

    “It was one of the best conversations we have ever had.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Battersea staff share their favourite memories working with Paul O'Grady

    Staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats home have shared some of their favourite memories working alongside Paul O'Grady.

    Taking to Twitter, the organisation wrote: ''Paul had a special relationship with our animals – whether it was a dog who was too worried to eat or go for a walk, over time, Paul would have them eating out of his hand & walking happily on a lead."

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    Did Paul O’Grady have any children?

    In 1974 Paul had a daughter, Sharon, with his friend Diane Jansen.

    Paul shared a good relationship with his only child and gave her away at her wedding.

    He also has a grandson named Abel and a granddaughter called Halo.

  • Louis Allwood

    Paul O’Grady’s health battles

    Paul had openly spoke about his health problems and struggles over the years.

    In 2002 the star suffered his first attack before having another in 2006 and 2014.

    He previously told The Sun: “My cardiologist says I have the constitution of an ox.

    “Three days after my last heart attack, I was back fire-eating with McFly.

    “The heart is a muscle so you have two choices: Sit on the sofa and count your tablets all day, or get on with it and get moving — swimming and walking, gentle exercise.”

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    What were Paul’s dogs called?

    If there is one thing Paul O’Grady was known for, it was his never-ending love for man’s best friend.

    The late TV icon had five pooches living with him and husband Andre Portasio.

    The dogs are called Nancy, Arfur, Conchita, Eddie, and Sausage.

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    Watch the hilarious moment Paul O’Grady gets drunk on TV with Richard Madeley

    Paul O’Grady‘s devoted following has been taking to social media in the wake of his tragic death to share their favourite bits from his star-studded career.

    Fans have flooded Twitter with their favourite clips of Paul – including a TV appearance on This Morning in 1994.

    The clip shows Paul, dressed as Lily Savage with large blonde hair and a pink dress, “getting rotten drunk” during a wine tasting.

    Appearing alongside Richard Madeley, and his wife Judy Finnigan, the star could be seen knocking back the drinks.

    At one point, the comedian even threw a glass into the river behind him before stumbling around and singing.

    Watch the moment here.

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    TV special tribute of Blankety Blank

     BBC One aired an episode of Lily Savage's Blankety Blank, which Paul had hosted as his iconic drag alter ego from 1997 to 2002.

    The episode featured guests Rebecca Callard, Sophie Lawrence, Davina McCall, Sir Ian McKellen, Gray O’Brien and the late Dale Winton.

    It aired at 7pm and within minutes of it starting, fans were in tears over his sad passing, and full of praise for his talent as the fabulous and feisty Lily.

    Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Lily Savage hosting Blankety Blank right now on BBC1 RIP #PaulOGrady you genius, you'll be missed" alongside crying emojis.

    Another added: "OMG! BBC1 are showing an episode of Blankety Blank with Lily Savage. I’m laughing and crying simultaneously!"

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans were in tears last week after spotting special dog tribute

    Paul O'Grady fans were in tears last week after spotting a subtle dog tribute to the late star.

    Paul passed away suddenly at the age of 67 with his husband Andre by his side.

    ITV put together a tribute show showing brief highlights of Paul’s long and varied career.

    It showed him in the early days performing in pubs in London, to hitting megastardom as Lily Savage, all the way up to his series set inside Battersea Dogs Home.

    The emotional clips already had fans feel the tears forming in their eyes, but then a subtle tribute on the show had them crying at home.

    As clips played of Paul’s career, they appeared on a television screen watched by a number of dogs on a sofa.

  • Louis Allwood

    What were Paul O’Grady’s biggest shows?

    During his life, Paul enjoyed enormous success, which cemented him as a household name.

    He fronted numerous TV shows including The Paul O’Grady Show, The New Paul O’Grady Show, and Paul O’Grady Live.

    The kindhearted star was known for his love of animals, and fronted Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans, and Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes.

    In 2018 he was presented with the Special Recognition Award at the NTAs after his stint on For the Love of Dogs.

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    What will happen to Paul O’Grady’s For The Love Of Dogs?

    ITV has confirmed its plans for Paul's iconic show For the Love Of Dogs.

    This comes after the Lily Savage star and dog lover tragically passed away last month.

    After his death, some were wondering what the future held for the programme, but ITV have confirmed that the upcoming eleventh series will hit our screens as planned.

    The programme, returns tonight at 8.30pm.

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