Nini was the songwriter responsible for “The Rose Song.” However, this theater nerd changed roles before Beauty and the Beast’s opening night at East High School. 

Here’s what we know about this High School Musical: The Musical: The Series character, portrayed by Olivia Rodrigo. 

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.]

Nini earned the lead role in East High’s production of ‘High School Musical’

This character was shy about everything from writing music to performing for an audience. That all changed when Miss Jenn gave Nini the lead role in her high school’s production of Disney Channel’s High School Musical.

After a legendary performance in High School Musical, Nini was offered a position at an extremely prestigious (and only slightly competitive) performing arts high school. At first, this character expressed her creativity. 

After disagreements with her teachers, Nini returned to East High School. Unfortunately, it was too late for her to audition for the spring musical, Beauty and the Beast. The parts had already been assigned, with Aslyn earning the lead role. 

What part did Nini have in East High School’s production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Nini was originally given the role of the “Rose” from Beauty and the Beast, despite her initial protests regarding joining the cast. This character even wrote “The Rose Song,” which went viral after Carlos posted a video to social media. 

If East High wanted a chance at the Menkie Awards, though, they couldn’t alter the original text of Beauty and the Beast. As a result, Miss Jenn cut “The Rose Song,” as well as this new “rose” character. 

When fans saw part of opening night with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Nini was decked out in a fork costume. She appeared in the song “Be Our Guest,” predominately performed by Carlos as Lumiere.

This is somewhat of a full-circle moment for Nini. The summer before, this character attended a theater camp with EJ. She was given the role of a fork in their production of Beauty and the Beast. That is, until the lead mysteriously couldn’t perform, and the director unexpectedly threw Nini into the role of Belle.  

Other characters appear in this production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Aside from Nini, other East High School students acted in this East High School musical. That includes Nini’s ex-boyfriend, Ricky, who had the leading role of the Beast. Nini’s best friend Kourtney earned the role of Mrs. Potts. 

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