NCIS LA releases new promo

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CBS’ hit procedural drama NCIS Los Angeles aired its season 13 finale on Sunday and actor Eric Christian Olsen is still in awe of a key scene in the episode. The Marty Deeks star took to Instagram to share that he was still emotional over his character’s important scene with Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah).

In the finale, the couple finally saw their deepest desire come to fruition as they became first-time parents and adopted Rosa Reyes (Natalia Del Riego).

This was also a huge moment for fans as the couple had struggled to conceive naturally and decided to take the adoption route.

However, this route hadn’t been easy for them either, as they had to jump through a number of hoops to get approved.

Thankfully, the season finale provided the couple with an unexpected twist which saw them finally get the green light.

During the scene, Kensi had picked up Marty from the airport and they were in the car when they received a call from Janice King (Cyd Strittmatter) who had been helping the couple.

After explaining she didn’t have an update for a particular case, Janice revealed: “I have great news regarding the adoption process regarding Rosa Reyes.”

Before they could say a word, she added: “Congratulations, you two have been approved to be her resource family, you’ll be fostering Rosa Reyes.”

The pair were in disbelief as Deeks began to well up with emotion.

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A post shared by Eric Christian Olsen (@ericcolsen)

The actor shared posted a clip of this scene on his Instagram page, alongside the caption expressing his emotions

It read: “I’m not crying, you’re crying. Season finale [NCIS LA] about to hit you in the feels.”

The pleasant surprise also left fans in tears as they expressed their feelings in the comments.

Including @Chihawks52 who wrote: “I love this scene this made me cry happy tears. I am so happy for Deeks & Kensi!!”

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@kellydrummonds added: “I love when Deeks gets all emotional! They finally get their dream! It warms my heart.”

A third fan @delmarmco commented: “It just ended and yes I am crying! What a beautiful ending to this season! Well done NCIS LA! You never disappoint!”

@jpboise shared their approval: “As someone who has adopted, they nailed this! The emotions and fear shown in their faces was spot on!”

Eric’s co-star Daniela who played his on-screen wife Kensi, also responded to the clip and stated: “I love this sceeeene!”

Although the couple initially weren’t actively looking to adopt a teenager, they felt compelled to adopt Rosa after meeting her in episode eight.

They bonded with her as the agents were assigned to help a group of refugees cross the border.

Marty and Deeks took her in as a houseguest as the US Government attempted to track down her family in Guatemala.

As she was in danger of being deported, the pair decided to begin proceedings to adopt her, which proved to be successful.

NCIS: Los Angeles is available on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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