Naga silences Matt Tebbutt's opinion on the football

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Naga Munchetty poked fun at Saturday Kitchen presenter Matt Tebbutt over his negative football opinion on this morning’s show. The presenter alongside Charlie Stayt stopped the host in his tracks after he aired his issues surrounding the World Cup. Naga and Matt are notorious for their cheeky confrontational links during BBC Breakfast.

She asked the host: “Is there football fever in the Saturday Kitchen?”, who was sitting beside actor Luke Evans.

Matt replied: “We haven’t talked about football once. If you want my opinion, it’s the wrong time of year.

He continued: “It’s too much going on, it’s Christmas, it’s not football time. You want to be in a pub garden watching football not worrying about decorations and homemade gifts.”

Naga asked: “No none at all?” she then pressed the cheeky chef further about his comments.

She added: “Can I just say usually when you ask if someone wants their opinion you wait for them to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

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The studio erupted with laughter after the sharp comment from the BBC Breakfast host directed at Matt.

With a wry grin, he quietly retorted: “I just like to give it to you that’s all.”

Naga then quickly added: “Sometimes it’s not welcome, but the cooking is.”

Much to the shock of the guests on the show, Matt doubled down in his dismissal of the football tournament.

He added: “Good luck England tonight, but they’re going to get kicked out though aren’t they?”

Once again, the studio guest chefs, including the Hairy Bikers guffawed at the lack of hope in the England team.

After the uproar, Matt joked: “Come on… every year!”, before turning to actor Luke for some support.

He asked the Welshman: “Who do you reckon is going to win tonight?”

Holding his morning brew, he raised an eyebrow and declared: “Not England”, to even more boos from the rest of the studio.

Matt declared: “See, nobody cares here!” ahead of the huge quarter-final between Gareth Southgate’s men and France.

Elsewhere on the show, Luke declared his food heaven to be quite a refined dish.

When asked the talented star opted for Black Miso Cod.

Clearly in a jovial mood presenting the Countdown to Christmas specials of the cooking show, Matt couldn’t help responding to his outlandish request.

The presenter retorted: “The really expensive one? The most expensive thing on a menu in a restaurant.”

Perhaps considering the audience at home’s ability to recreate the dish, Matt reassured viewers: “We can make it slightly cheaper.”

Also on the show, the Hairy Bikers made their long awaited return to the BBC show after Dave Myers’ cancer diagnosis.

On his comeback, a cheery Dave shouted: “I am over the moon Matt – I am still breathing!”

Saturday Kitchen airs every Saturday at 10am on BBC One

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