Money Heist: Fans believe Tatiana is key in series five events

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Palermo (played by Rodrigo de la Serna) was introduced to the world of Money Heist in season three of the series. He was seen in both the present day and in flashbacks as it was slowly revealed what his relationship with Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was. has compiled a recap of everything we know about the pair so far.

Was Berlin in love with Palermo in Money Heist?

When Palermo first appeared in Money Heist, very little was revealed about what his connection with the gang was.

However, viewers did learn he was distraught about the death of Berlin, who was seemingly his close friend.

Over seasons three and four this was explored more in several key scenes for the pair.

One of these came in season three, episode five, Boom, Boom, Ciao when Palermo and Nairobi (Alba Flores) clashed.

After mocking Nairobi for her feelings for Helsinki (Darko Perić) she confronted him about being in love with someone too.

She said: “The only miserable one in this story is you with your speech about love and boom, boom, ciao. Wow.

“That’s because you are too cowardly to admit the truth.”

“How long has it been? 10 years? Have you been in love with Berlin for 10 years?

“And you never dared tell him. Of course. You worshipped him and followed him like a dog. And that’s it.”

Her speech made it seem like his love was unrequited but it was not until season four when viewers learned the truth.

In episode eight, The Paris Plan, viewers see Berlin and Palermo in a moving flashback.

During this, Berlin acknowledges Palermo’s feelings for him but admits they could never be together.


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He said: “I’m going out with Tatiana. You’ll think about me but I’m not going to think about you.

“You think I don’t love you? I feel it too. There’s something between us, something extraordinary, unique, marvellous.

“I know about love, I’ve been married five times. What I’ve never told you is that none of these women have even made me feel remotely similar to what I feel for you.

“Not even close. You and I are soulmates. But just 99 percent. Hmm?

“You know, I really like women. I like them a lot and you like me too much.”

The pair shared a kiss before Berlin told him they will never be able to be together and he should leave him alone.

This was because although he loved him, he felt no desire for him.

The scene revealed how Berlin really felt about Palermo but the pair were never able to pursue their relationship.

Berlin left after this to take part in the first heist, during which he was killed.

However, season five may reveal if anything more happened after this when it returns as the final outing.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix now.

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