Meghan and Harry: GMB panelists in fiery clash over royals

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Royal author Tom Bowler blasted the Duchess of Sussex during an appearance on Ed Balls and Susanna Reid’s morning show on Monday. Mr Bowler clashed with historian Dr Tessa Dunlop amid calls for Harry Meghan to be stripped of their titles following the release of the Duke’s new bombshell biography, ‘Spare.’ 

The fiery exchange saw Mr Bowler brand Meghan an “adventuress” who he argued has been seeking “fame and fortune” at the Royal Family’s expense. 

Mr Bowler told GMB: “[Prince William saw through her, Prince Charles saw through her,  Diana’s brother Charles Spencer saw through her.

“She was adventurous who came here to make fame and fortune.

“Gone back to America is exploiting her royal title, making money out of causing misery.”

Discussing Harry’s new book, the royal author told GMB: “We don’t know what the book is going to say, we’ve heard what he’s said before – he and Meghan and Oprah Winfrey said 17 inaccuracies and lies,” Tom replied.

“It was hugely damaging to the Royal Family and if you actually believe in the Royal Family as I do and think it’s one of the most important status symbols in the world, and reflects Britain’s status and values and everything…

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