The first group of guests checking in to Paradise Hotel are revealed. And no surprise here, they’re all ridiculously attractive and fit.

Paradise Hotel follows a group of sexy singles who check in to a tropical resort and could check out with a big cash prize. Each week, one single will leave the hotel and a brand-new guest will join the competition. Viewers can play along at home to influence what happens on screen, including having a say in who stays and who goes.

Paradise Hotel will introduce viewers to David, Hans, Deiondra and the rest of the guests with a two-hour series premiere on Thursday, May 9 starting at 8 p.m. But you don’t have to wait to see who will be sizzling on camera when the Fox reality show starts. Below, meet the first group of guests who will be competing for the prize.

Kristin Cavallari, star of E!’s Very Cavallari, hosts the unscripted dating competition.


Carlos G.

Hometown: Havana, Cuba

Occupation: Trainer


Hans W.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Occupation: Model


Brittany C.

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Occupation: Hair stylist

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Deiondra S.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Hairline company owner


Rosanna C.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Student


Kendall G.

Hometown: Redondo Beach, California

Occupation: Yoga instructor

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Tyler B.

Hometown: Streator, Illinois

Occupation: Stock broker


David B.

Hometown: Burbank, California

Occupation: Medical student


Bobby R.

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Occupation: Entrepreneur

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Mariaelena P.

Hometown: Yonkers, New York

Occupation: Bartender


Tatum S.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Occupation: Bottle service girl

The reality show first aired on Fox in 2003 and went on to become an international hit.

Paradise Hotel will air three nights a week starting Thursday, May 9 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Watch the season finale of Very Cavallari this Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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