We adore watching Antiques Roadshow, and Fiona Bruce is an irreplaceable part of the charming, quintessentially British show having presented it since 2008. But how much do you know about the TV personality behind closed doors? Meet her lovely family here…

Fiona tied the knot to her husband, Nigel Sharrocks, in 1994. The pair share two children, 22-year-old Sam and Mia Rose, 19. 

Fiona and Nigel tied the knot in 1994

The presenter keeps her personal life private, but back in 2017, she did reveal that she still employs a nanny to help take care of her children. “I know it must sound absurd but we have a nanny,” the 53-year-old BBC newsreader told the Mail at the time. “Clare has been with us for 19 years. Obviously we don’t need a nanny any more, but she’s part of our family.”

Fiona with her daughter Mia

In an interview with the Telegraph in 2015, she also opened up about juggling her career with family life, admitting that she would watch the clock while working for Panorama.

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“There was always a point at which I thought, ‘If I leave now, I can make bath time’, and I’d get really irritable and try to rattle through stuff,” she said. Fiona also reflected on her decision to be a working mum. “My kids once said, ‘What would you do if you hadn’t got us?'” she shared. “I replied, ‘I’d be more successful and I’d have more friends, but I wouldn’t be as happy.'”

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She added that Antiques Roadshow meant leaving Sam and Mia Rose with their dad while she worked, explaining: “Antiques Roadshow’ was the first job I had taken since my children were born that took me away from them consistently over a period of time. That was a big adjustment for all of us.”

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