THE Masked Dancer fans have "figured out" Carwash is Take That's Jason Orange after deciphering fruity clues.

Viewers have been desperate to discover who is behind the costumes on ITV's dancing spin off to The Masked Singer.

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Now Masked Dancer fans think they've cracked who Carwash is thanks to one clue.

During two lies and a truth, Carwash said: "I get all my energy from Vitamin C."

Fans suggested it could be Take That star Jason Orange, due to the connection to his last name.

One person said: "Carwash…"I get all my energy from vitamin C….I'm quite shy" could be Jason Orange…"

Another added: "one of the clues was something to do with vitamin C = Jason ORANGE"

A third remarked: "The song Carwash danced to in #MaskedDancer was performed in concert by Take That once. The vitamin C clue could be for Jason Orange but I can't see him doing the show."

Jason was a part of Take That before he quit in 2014.

Meanwhile, fans are convinced The Squirrel is rapper and Dancing On Ice star Lady Leshurr.

One clue said the Squirrel is always on TV on Christmas Day.

Lady Leshurr has seven different songs under the title Queen's Speech.

One person said: "Def Lady Leshur is squirrel Queen speech on Christmas Day #MaskedDancerUK #MaskedDancer"

Another added: "Squirrel I’m sure is lady leshurr. The always in TV Christmas Day clue.. the queens speech. She only has 5 or 6 songs called the queen’s speech… #MaskedDancer"

However, this isn't the only clue indicating it would be the Dancing On Ice star.

The Squirrel spoke of "getting ahead of the game by impersonating other animals" – which could be a reference to her winning The Celebrity Circle earlier this year as Big Nastie.

The character also proclaimed herself "urban" with "street cred", which could be a reference to Lady Leshurr being a rapper.

So far Jordan Banjor was unmasked as Viper, while Louise Redknapp was revealed to be Flamingo and Dita Von Teese was Beetroot.

Meanwhile, Rubber Chicken was unmasked as Eddie the Eagle.

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