MAMA June has shared an adorable and rare video of herself and her daughter's child as the family begins filming again.

The star, who has her own show Mama June: From Not To Hot, shared the video on her official Tik Tok account.

Posting it to her 359,000 followers, she captioned the clip: "Going follow tink and Jessica daily clog right here on Tikal @jessicashannon."

Mama wrote over the video: "She is such a mess but love me some tink."

It started by her saying to the camera while holding Ella: "Hey ya'' what's up it's me and Tink."

Then talking to Ella, she said: "What we doing today, Tink?"

The three-year-old did not answer so instead the pair pulled an array of silly faces at the camera.

After a few poses, Mama counted down: "3… 2… 1… smile…," before the pair erupted into giggles.

She then went on to reveal that the pair were filming.

Mama said: "But anyway we are filming today and hanging out."

Ella then frowned at the camera, to which Mama joked: "Why you look so mad, Tink?"

Before the child giggled, "I'm not."

Mama continued: "But go and follow her and Jessica's daily vlog I'm going to tag it below and ya'll go watch Tink make Tik Toks."

Holding the child's head, she then said: "Bye," as the pair giggled away before ending the clip.

Ella sweetly wrapped the video saying: "Bye, thanks for watching!"


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