The Mallorca Files: Elen Rhys stars in BBC drama series

BBC drama The Mallorca Files is going to be making a comeback in the not-too-distant future. The BBC daytime drama aired back in 2019 with viewers able to catch instalments of the police procedural during the day. Thanks to additional viewers on BBC iPlayer catching up with the drama, The Mallorca Files swiftly landed itself a renewal.

Will Miranda and Max get together in The Mallorca Files?

Season two of The Mallorca Files is slated for release soon with former London Metropolitan Police detective Miranda Blake (played by Elen Rhys) and German liaison officer Max Winter (Julian Looman) teaming up to solve more cases.

The first outing saw the pair brought together to take on a case together with the twosome making a pretty good team.

By the end of series one, Miranda was given the opportunity to go back home to the UK with an enticing promotion but she chose to remain on the island and work there.

The Mallorca Files plays off the classic trope of the odd couple with Miranda and Max having different approaches to the work.

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Miranda is much more by-the-book, ensuring procedures and protocols are followed to the letter, whereas Max is laid back and cuts corners on occasions.

The result is a delightful chalk and cheese duo who catch the bad guys by the end of the episode.

However, some viewers want to know if Max and Miranda could become more than just crime-solving partners and venture into romantic territory.

They certainly have a frisson which is apparent, even if the German detective is seeing someone else.

In an exclusive interview with, The Mallorca Files creator Dan Sefton addressed the will they/won’t they dynamic in the show, teasing he would be keeping fans guessing.

He said: “[We] will just see how it goes. We’ll see whether they get together or not. I don’t know – I honestly don’t know!

“A lot of it comes to Elen and Julian’s performances. The writing team will be working closely with them and we see what they’re doing and we try and pick up on things and work that in if we can.

“So, hopefully, it’s playful and fun and who knows what will happen?”

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Actress Rhys told media including during a recent Q&A how Miranda’s partnership and friendship with Max would grow over the course of season two.

In fact, Miranda would also be “influenced” by Max and his approach to life, possibly seeing her loosen up and “come out of herself” a bit more.

Rhys said about a possible romance: “I think you like to think the will they/won’t they element is what keeps bringing people back.

“At the core of the show is the whole Max and Miranda relationship but with any like that, the moment that they do get together it might dispel some of the magic.”

The Welsh actress went on to explain: “I think in season two, Dan didn’t want to just keep playing on that one tone.

“So there’s still a little bit of an element of that but also their relationship develops in a different way.

“Also, Miranda’s friendship with Carmen – who is Max’s girlfriend – that sorts of develops as well.

“So it’s not just that one tone. there’s elements of it and I think that’s what the audience will always want. But it’s like a slowburn.”

Judging from both their words, it looks like anything could happen between the dynamic duo but for now things remain platonic.

The Mallorca Files season 2 will be coming to the BBC later this year

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