Love Island is axing its "gross" eating challenge in a new shake-up, a boss of the show has confirmed.

The smash-hit ITV show is returning to our screens on June 6, ready for a host of new contestants to find (or not find) their love matches in a luxe – and brand new – villa in Mallorca.

But executive producer, Mike Spencer, has confirmed that one of the series’ most shocking challenges will not be returning, after many of the show’s fans complained that it was "gross".

The infamous messy eating challenge has seen Islanders exchange food between each other’s mouths, and in the 2021 season, it was named ‘Spit the Roast’, as the boys passed some of the meal to the girls using only their mouths.

Whilst Mike answered questions during a Q&A on Reddit today, one fan said: "Why the spitting food challenges. I beg youse to stop, such a waste of food! I really think doing challenges with incentives or couple building activities would be so much better.”

Mike replied, writing: "We are moving away from the food challenges as previously seen so hopefully that sorts that one.”

That wasn’t the only question that the show’s fans asked Mike, with another Reddit user asking if they were going to see more of the Love Islanders at mealtimes – usually the contestants are not seen during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One fan asked: "We see the islanders having breakfast together and snacking throughout the day… what do they typically eat at mealtimes? I assume you have a team of chefs on-site for the islanders and production crew. Do you all eat together?”

Mike was eager to give his answer, writing: "Yes this is a super popular question. So the Islanders tend to make their own breakfast and we cater for them at lunch and dinner. They have a real mix of foods, everything from lovely fresh salads to roast dinners on a Sunday! Even in that heat they still have a roast dinner.”

Diversity in the show’s contestants was raised by another fan, who wrote: "Will there be an attempt to feature actual diversity (Asians, for one, and not just South Asians) in this season and future seasons? Throwing a black person or two into a sea of whites isn’t diverse.”

Mike replied: "We are always striving to be more diverse and representative on the show, and try to cast the net far and wide during the casting process.

"Our application and casting process is inclusive to all, and we are always aiming to reflect the age and diversity of our audience on the show. The most important factor is that our applicants are single and looking for love."

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