Lorraine's guest cuts off hair in solidarity with women of Iran

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There have been protests across the Middle East after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in September while in custody of the morality police. She was detained for allegedly not adhering to a strict Islamic dress code which is enforced in Iran. Mahsa was reportedly arrested for not covering her hair with a hijab and in protest of her death, women across the world have cut their hair.

Lorraine was joined on her ITV chat show by Elika, whose father Anoosheh was detained Iran for almost five years.

Elika highlighted why it was important for women around the world to show their support for those in Iran.

In a show of solidarity herself, she left Lorraine lost for words when she cut off her own hair live on air.

Elika explained: “I have brought a pair of scissors today to show my solidarity to my sisters in Iran.

“This pales in comparison to the bravery they are showing in the streets risking death.

“So I’m going to cut my hair as well just to show we are all behind you and there you go.

“I want to say this one is for what the European, US and UK government need to do with their trade deals with Iran.

“They need to stop and cut everything just like that,” she said holding up a lock of her hair.

Elika continued: “If you’re a woman, if you’re a feminist and you care about basic human rights, women’s rights, do this and send it to the Iranian embassy, protest and show the world as women we can lead the most successful revolutions and make history.”

She added: “This [protest] started with the murder of one girl who was showing a few strands of hair and was beaten by the morality police.

“But it soon escalated into nationwide protests and it progressed into women asking for the removal of compulsory hijabs, which has been implemented for four decades in Iran.

“And from there it has taken another shape and now has become a nationwide revolution led by women.”

Elika further explained the history behind the protest: “This is the first female-led revolution that we’ve seen in our time where the demographic of age is between 16 and 22.

“They force women from the age of nine to wear a covering, because that’s the age by Islamic law where a girl becomes seductive to a man.

“If you look at a nine-year-old and you’re seduced by her, the sickness is in your mind.

“People have been desensitised when they see news coming from the Middle East, they need to be engaged…What if they were your sisters and your daughters?”

Elika is the daughter of Anoosheh, who was detained in Iran for almost five years.

Recently released alongside Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Anoosheh completed the London Marathon on Sunday to show solidarity with those still imprisoned in Iran.

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