Depp court case 'just gets worse and worse' says Lorraine

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On Thursday, the Pirates of the Caribbean star took to the stand once more and was grilled over text messages he had sent to friends in which he said he would “drown’ and “burn” Amber Heard. Getting the latest update from US entertainment reporter Ross King on her ITV show, Lorraine remarked it was “getting worse and worse” as the trial continues.

Johnny Depp was cross-examined by Ms Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn on Thursday about his friendship with Paul Bettany and texts they shared about hurting the actor’s future wife.

Rottenborn read out a text sent from Depp on June 11 2013, which said: “Let’s burn Amber!!!”

He continued: “You didn’t stop. The next text down says ‘Let’s drown her before we burn her!!!’ I read that right?”

Depp confirmed: “Yes,” as the lawyer continued: “I’d like to apologise to the court and the jury for some of the language I’m going to use.”

Reading the next text, Rottenborn said: “I will f**k her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead.”

When Depp confirmed the lawyer had read the text correctly, Rottenborn asked: “You wrote that about the woman who would later become your wife?”

“Yes,” the Edward Scissorhands star replied.

Other texts sent between Depp and Bettany were read out while the actor was later asked about Elton John’s offer to help him get sober.

Watching footage from the courtroom, Lorraine commented on the progress of the trial and Ms Heard’s emotional reaction on court.

Lorraine commented: “It is interesting. That’s the first time I’ve seen [Amber] looking really, really upset.

“She’s been quite, you know, there’s been no emotion there.”

The ITV host added: “Oh it just gets worse and worse, it really does.

“And we said though, lots of famous friends mentioned, there was that text from Elton John as well wasn’t there.”

“There was,” Ross replied. “And there was also text messages between Paul Bettany, who’s made a few movies with Johnny Depp.

“Marilyn Manson as well, there’s been all sorts of talk in there of different kinds of drug use, alcohol use, some of the texts Johnny Depp himself has said he’s not proud of any of the language that’s appeared and some of the texts have been incredibly graphic.”

Earlier in the week, the ITV host explained she found the trial “painful to watch”.

After Depp said he went from Cinderella to Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds, Lorraine remarked: “Gosh that is actually painful to watch, it really is. It’s very, very sad.”

The trial is expected to continue for another four weeks and it’s yet to be confirmed if any of Depp’s friends will take to the stand.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am.

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