So far it’s seemed that Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has been the only one in on whatever Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) truly up to, but it would seem even she’s been kept in the dark about his scheming.

Ben has been using Lola to do his bidding, forcing her away from her fiance to make her help carry out his plan to overthrow his dad, and make a huge pile of cash in the process.

He’s often threatened her into submission and she’s been trapped in his lies to keep her own secrets safe.

But she is set to learn a startling truth when she comes face to face with Ewan – her ex fiance.

He appears in the Square and tells her he’s come to take her and Lexi back home. Lola flips, firmly putting him in his place.

Things escalate and get heated very quickly, so Ewan drops the bombshell – he stayed away because Ben threatened him.

The shock of the revelation causes her to lash out and hit Ewan, but will she believe him? Or has Ben got her so wrapped up in his lies she can’t see the wood for the trees?

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