LILY James finally promoted her new Netflix movie Rebecca – but failed to address her Dominic West kissing scandal.

The beguiling star, who plays Mrs de Winter in the Gothic thriller, was given a free pass when interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday after she was spotted kissing married Dominic, 51, in Rome.

Lily, 31, appeared nervous at first, but Jimmy didn't ask her about the photos that shocked the world, and that prompted Dominic's wife to declare "our marriage is completely fine" on a handwritten note outside their home.

Instead, she addressed rumours of a Mamma Mia 3! movie and said she'd jump at the chance to play Meryl Streep's young Donna Sheridan once more.

Jimmy warmed up with a question about Lily teaching acting classes over Zoom to budding Broadway stars to keep herself busy in lockdown.

Lily, who backed out of two Rebecca press junkets at short notice in the wake of her fling with Dominic, said: "It's great because, you know, when these performers can't perform because of lockdown they're getting to share their skills and people at home can be creative and learn and try and have some fun. 

"I was teaching audition technique which is insane because I am terrible at auditions. I auditioned for Mamma Mia! during Glastonbury weekend.  I knew I had to sing in this audition, I was desperate for this part.

"It was due to be scheduled at the end of Glastonbury. I knew for sure that after screaming in a field for five days there was no way I would be able to sing, so I did it on the way in the car.

"I had the car parked and filled to the brim with wellies. I went to Glasto. My phone ran out of battery

"It wasn't until on the way home, I plugged my phone in and my agent called me. I was like, [raspy voice]… 'Hello!'

"She said: 'You got the job!' I said 'Please say it doesn't start soon'."   

Jimmy then asked Lily: "The producers say it was meant to be a trilogy, so there may be a Mamma Mia! 3 in the works. Would you be interested?"

Lily quipped: "Yes, I would do 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I'm down. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm theirs."

The chat comes after Lily skipped two press junket interviews following photos of her with Dominic in Rome – and now the pair face £200 fines for flouting Italy’s tough Covid rules.

Meanwhile, Dominic's wife is said to be feeling “humiliated” after more pics of her husband and actress Lily kissing were revealed.

Catherine, 49, and The Affair actor Dominic put on a united front after the pair’s cheating on a secret holiday to Rome last week was made public.

But one pal told The Sun: “Catherine has tried her best to put on a brave face, but ultimately, seeing a second set of pictures made her feel even more humiliated.

“It’s been so hard for her and she shocked even herself with how dignified and graceful she has been throughout this.

“Taking herself away to her mother’s home is giving her time to properly think about everything and how they can work this out.”

Dominic confirmed that landscape gardener Catherine had travelled alone to Ireland on the weekend.

The pair were first photographed hugging and kissing on the Italian holiday, before more photos of them at the airport were revealed.

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