EXCLUSIVE: Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow icon LeVar Burton will sit in the director’s chair for Two-Front War from Lou Reda Productions. The multi-perspective docuseries will give an emotionally raw look at the connection between the fight for civil rights in America and the struggle for equality of Black soldiers in Vietnam.

The docuseries bolsters the current landscape of Black Lives Matter activism. With the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement receding in time, Two-Front War is an imperative story that needs to be put in the forefront while key figures are still present. It will feature first-person accounts from Black veterans, activists, journalists, students and civilians at the forefront of a two-pronged war for freedom abroad and at home.

“I have looked long and hard to find a subject that inspires me to want to bring my voice to the field of documentary filmmaking,” said Burton. “Both the Vietnam War and the movement for civil rights in America, are events that not only dominated my childhood and adolescence, they have gone a long way towards shaping the man and the storyteller I am today.”

“Two-Front War has been a passion project for us for nearly 10 years and we are extremely excited to have LeVar’s truly unique point of view as director,” said Marc L. Reda of Lou Reda Productions. “With LeVar, we are confident we will find the perfect home for this limited series.”

Burton and Lou Reda Productions are currently considering various streaming services.

Burton has many directing credits to his name, including episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as other series in the sci-fi franchise such as Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Most recently, he released a video series titled This is My Story which features Burton narrating audience stories about their experiences with racism in America. The first of six episodes has Burton sharing his own experiences of being racially profiled while he was attending USC.

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