IT sounds like a madcap scene from Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Comic Lee Mack has revealed that the first time he experimented with drugs — taking cocaine at his best friend’s stag do — he became obsessed with cleaning a kitchen, even putting on an apron and Marigolds.

Talking about the class-A drug, Lee said: “I’d never done that in my life and neither had my best mate. And we said, ‘Shall we just do it?’

“And we did it and I thought, ‘This isn’t having any effect on me whatsoever’.

“So an hour later I did it again.

“Then cut to about three hours later, I suddenly turn into what can only be described as a mother figure.

“And they’re all in the living room, there’s music blasting and they are all dancing around, booze everywhere, and I get it into my head I’m going to cook for everybody.

"So I start making pizzas that we’ve got frozen and I start putting them in the oven. And I think, ‘Ooh, this oven’s a bit dirty. I know what — I’ll give it a bit of a clean’.”

The Would I Lie To You? veteran said that in true Mrs Brown style: “I stick on an apron, I get down on my hands and knees and scrub this oven crazily. And it’s sparkling.

“They come in and go, ‘Lee, are you not gonna come in the . . . ’

“ ‘No you enjoy yourself lads, I wanna clean out this cooker’.

“And then I pull the cooker out, clean out the under the cooker.”

Lee also told The Adam Buxton Podcast how he has now given up alcohol, turned vegetarian and is a Buddhist with a meditation obsession.

He said: “I’m open to anything now. If someone came in and said, ‘Have you tried dancing naked in the streets while burning joss sticks in the air?’, I’d be out there in five minutes.

“Because now I just go, why not give it a bash?

“Until I began meditating, I was like, ‘What’s wrong with five Ginsters pasties a day? Get a grip’.

Nothing Lee, nothing at all.

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