KARDASHIAN family friend Joe Francis is being accused of meth and cocaine abuse as well as domestic violence by his ex Abbey Wilson, who has demanded full custody of their children, The Sun can exclusively report.

The Girls Gone Wild founder and owner of Mexican celebrity getaway Casa Aramara was arrested for domestic violence following an alleged brutal assault on Abbey at their home in August 2020, The Sun first reported. 

According to court documents exclusively obtained by The Sun, Abbey was granted emergency custody of their twin girls on June 7.

Abbey, who is considered Joe's common law wife in Mexico, was also granted a temporary restraining order from the KUWTK pal, for herself and their six-year-old daughters, Athena and Alexandria. 

The 33-year-old mother and model was also given emergency passports for her two daughters- who are considered Mexican citizens- amid concerns over alleged threats Joe, 48, made that he would remove the girls from the country and bring them to Switzerland or Austria,the court papers reported.

In the documents, Abbey claimed in 2017, Joe "started using drugs, including methamphetamines, cocaine and painkillers,” and this alleged substance abuse led to violent outbursts.

The court documents, which were translated from Spanish to English, claimed: “It was then she was first on the receiving end of regular, sustained aggressions and insults."  

“He regularly screamed at her and they started having constant confrontations."

The filing referenced photos that purportedly show Abbey’s bruises stemming from alleged attacks in 2017, as well as the more recent incident in 2020 which landed Joe behind bars.  

As The Sun previously reported, Joe was arrested following his alleged assault on Abbey in August of 2020.

According to a court source, Joe spent a total of 73 days behind bars for the incident.

In September of 2020, Joe and Abbey signed off on a divorce agreement that laid out a custody and child support arrangement, according to the document. 

While Abbey and Joe are not married officially, Mexican law grants couples who reside together for more than five years, or who have children together, the same protections as a married couple, a local court source explained. 

The filing claimed that under their divorce agreement, “Joe was ordered to sell Casa Aramara within two years and pay Abbey $5 million” out of the profits to help provide child support.  

On June 15, just a week after Abbey filed for emergency custody, Casa Aramara caught fire, with Joe posting to Instagram dramatic footage of flames ripping through the luxury property.  (A court source told The Sun that the cause of the fire is under investigation.)

During the time that Joe was behind bars following his arrest for domestic violence, Abbey was allegedly granted emergency passports for her girls which allowed her to travel with them to the United States.  

She remained with her family in America until December, when the documents claimed Joe told her he wanted to reconcile.  

Abbey returned to Joe with their girls after he allegedly agreed to attend couples therapy with her.  

“During their therapy session, he told Abbey in front of the therapist that she should do him, the world and their daughters a favor and go home and kill herself,” the documents claimed. 

 “Joseph’s behavior continued to become more violent, and he never left his addiction to drugs."

Additionally, Joe would allegedly “scream at his daughters, he would insult them. He would reject them, he would make fun of their intelligence and he would call them stupid.” 

According to the documents, the couple was on and off from December through April.  

“They got back together in April of 2021, and within a few days he was again violent with her,” the court papers claimed.  

He allegedly “locked Alexandria in a room because he wanted to spend the night with her. Both Abbey and Alexandria said they were not comfortable with that. 

“It started a fight between them. And in the room, Joseph told Alexandria that Abbey was a bad mother, and that she had stolen money from him and that she had paid the police off so that he would be in jail.

"During the incident, the girl yelled at him and told him, 'I don't trust you,'" according to the filing. 

In the document, Abbey also alleged that Joe threatened her and told her he would release explicit videos of her. 

"He said he had explicit videos of her, and that he would share them with his friends in order to humiliate her.

"And he said that because he was the owner of Girls Gone Wild, he could publish those videos and no one would know it was him. 

“This is was something that worried her a lot because of the potential damage to her reputation.” 

After they separated, Joe took their daughters allegedly under false pretenses on May 28.

Abbey was allegedly concerned during this time that Joe would try to remove the girls from the country.  

The court document continued: “Joseph had plans to take the girls to Austria or Switzerland where his family lives or another part of the world, so that she never sees the girls again.” 

The temporary protective order for Abbey and the girls commands that Joe stay 500 meters away from them and bars him from communicating with them over the phone or electronically. 

He is prohibited from intimidating or stalking them.

According to the court papers, the temporary restraining order is to remain in place until they have a court hearing.

The Sun has reached out to Joe for comment, but has not received a response.

Abbey also did not respond to calls for comment.

The Sun previously revealed the explosive allegations stemming from Joe's domestic violence arrest last August. 

Joe was charged with domestic violence and intentional injury after an incident with Abbey at his Punta Mita home on August 1, 2020.   

The Mexican documents, translated to English, stated: "He began to scream at [Abbey] that she was an 'evil b***h' and he hopes she rots, and called her a 'w***e.' 

"She hid in the closet and closed the door. He began to shake the door. 

"She opened it and ran into another bedroom in fear. He told her he was kicking her out. 

"He grabbed her right arm, turned her toward him, grabbed her by the neck, and then spit in her face.   

She claimed Joe ran to her, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor.   

He then allegedly stepped on her head, and put all of his weight on her body.   

The documents continued: "He then put his hands around her neck and spit on her face again, and then told her to leave the house.   

"They both got up, and he grabbed her by the hair again. He threw her on the floor and dragged her down the hallway. 

"While he was pulling her, he was shaking her hair and making her head hit the floor." 

According to the court papers, Abbey sustained injuries that took over two weeks to heal, and required special medical treatment. 

Joe was taken into custody under what is called a preventative detention on August 13, and he was released after Abbey allegedly "issued her forgiveness."  

The charges were dropped on the condition that Joe attend six months of psychological therapy, which law enforcement claimed he completed.  

The Girls Gone Wild founder was previously arrested and charged with three counts of false imprisonment, one count of assault causing great bodily injury and one count of dissuading a witness following an incident in 2011. 

During the altercation, Joe allegedly attacked one of the women and bashed her head onto his tile floor. 

Joe was sentenced to 270 days in jail following that arrest. 

Before the fire, Joe’s home in Punta Mita was an exclusive private property that catered to the rich and famous as a luxury destination.  

It was a favorite spot for Kim Kardashian, her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and other family members, as well as other A-listers.   

Kim posted a photo from the property as recently as June 2021.

Joe moved to Mexico following a bankruptcy case and trouble with the IRS in 2013.   

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or chat at thehotline.org.

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