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Josie Gibson misunderstood the Easter Bunny brief on Friday's This Morning, celebrating the holiday in a glamorous black satin bunny costume.

The presenter, 36, appeared on the show to host the Dosh On Your Doorstep segment, chatting with hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary from the great outdoors.

In honour of the Easter break, Josie worked a silky one-piece with matching ears, prepared to surprise viewers by presenting them with cash in the ITV competition.

Ahead of the giveaway, Josie performed a dance routine in the costume, which featured black and white tuxedo-inspired detailing, reminiscent of the classic Playboy Bunny uniforms.

She exclaimed: "Well Alison I've had to wear my ice cream sunglasses to cool the situation down because it's about to get… hot in here. You wanted bunny, I give you bunny! Yeah!"

After watching Josie's dance, Alison was quick to point out ITV originally had a different sort of bunny costume in mind.

She exclaimed: "This is not what we wanted Josie."

"Babes, we said something family-friendly, a bunny rabbit, not like a Playboy Bunny," Alison added. "Do you know what I mean?"

"Sorry guys I totally got this twisted," Josie replied, covering up the outfit with her hands.

However, Alison conceded the former Big Brother star looked gorgeous in the sophisticated ensemble, adding: "You do look hot. But babes can you go and get dressed in a proper more appropriate outfit."

Presenter Dermot then joked Josie was going to give the Dosh On Your Doorstep prizewinners a heart attack after they laid eyes on the get-up.

Alison added: "That would be a surprise on Dosh On Your Doorstep!"

The pair then urged Josie to go behind a tree and change her outfit, suggesting a classic rabbit costume might be more appropriate.

Reaching out to viewers, Alison explained: "She's going to get dressed a little bit more appropriately."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were smitten over Josie's new look, pointing out the mum-of-one looked sensational in the bunny costume.

"Josie…looking great, so funny!" Wrote one.

"Josie making my eyes pop out," added a second, and a third exclaimed: "Josie dressed as a playboy bunny!"

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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