JON Gosselin has called for an "intervention" tobring his estranged family back together.

The former reality TV star was married to ex-wife Kate and they have eight children together.

But after a bitter split, six of his children have not spoken to their father nor two of their siblings in two years.

Speaking on The Dr Oz Show, Jon – who was accused of physically harming his son Collin – was asked what it would take to "fix the wounds" that have damaged their family.

"I don't know, maybe an intervention," he said.

"'Hey, you guys are going to get along? This is my day.' I have no idea if they'll reach out to me that way.

"I've let that in their court and I'm just focused on the two that are living with me because there's so much going on with therapies and work and COVID and everything else."

He went on to add that he thinks "the kids need to talk," and that he is giving "them the outlet of, if you want to talk to the public because you're public, you have every opportunity to do those things."

Jon also alleged the children who live with their mom Kate are "shunning" their siblings Hannah and Collin becaus of "Mom's intervening."

Kate is reportedly selling their childhood home, and the dad of eight claimed that he only fiund out through a chain of friends and the news left Hannah "super upset."

"She was pretty much upset that that was her childhood home, her mother selling it, didn't even call her to say, 'Hey, do you want any of your stuff or anything? Hey, I need to sell this house.' There is no contact," he alleged.

Collin and Hannah are two of Jon and Kate's sextuplets; their siblings are Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah.

The former couple also share twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, 20.

Collin accused Jon of physical abuse in a since-deleted Instagram post in September.

The teen wrote: "My dad is a liar. Yesterday he beat me up and thought nothing of it, he punched me in the face and gave me a swollen nose and I started bleeding. He then continued to kick me in the ribs after I was on the floor. He is a liar.”

Collin called the authorities and Jon was said to be "under investigation for child abuse".

County of Berks Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services notified Kate of the investigation.

Jon denied the charges, and reps for the star told The Sun that "no charges have been filed against him and there’s no ongoing CYS investigation."

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