JAMES Argent has said he's worried his 26st weight puts him at risk of dying from coronavirus.

The star, who is now so big only three of his outfits fit him, spoke about his battle to lose weight on Loose Women today.

He admitted he was in "danger territory" saying: "If I catch Covid, I could be one of the people in serious trouble."

Arg, 33, said: "I spoke to my doctor on the phone numerous amounts of time and even though I had lost a lot of weight at the start of the year I was always considering weight loss surgery.

"My doctor said the weight I am right now, 26 stone, that is danger territory. My mum and my dad both suffer from heart problems.

"My dad has got a pacemaker so there could be serious implications for my heart.

"People even say to me, with my weight as it is at the moment, if I catch Covid, I could be one of the people that could be in serious trouble."

His remarks come after Arg told The Sun that he needed as gastric op – saying it was the "only way" he would lose weight.

The star added that his best friend and Towie co-star Mark Wright was helping him with his weight-loss battle, saying they speak on the phone constantly.

He said: "I speak to Mark every day. He's seriously concerned about my weight and he wants to help me."

Arg added that he was undertaking weight loss surgery as a long-term solution rather than a "quick fix".

He said: "It is difficult because it a huge operation, it is a very intense and serious one.

"It is nothing to be taken lightly but I know if I really work hard, like I have done many many times before, I can get the weight off but it is maintaining it.

"I have always either trained three times a day and starved myself or I have done no exercise at all and binged on terrible foods. I have always struggled finding a happy medium."

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