JACQUELINE Jossa hits back after being branded a plus-size model saying, "I'm like a size 12".

The I'm A Celebrity winner, 27, denied she was a plus-size model after she received messages from angry fans about the subject.

Jacqueline – who has a clothing line with In The Style – said she considers herself neither "plus-size or a model".

Speaking on Instagram, she said: "Yesterday I got quite a few DMs of people saying to me, 'You're not plus-sized, why do you call yourself plus-sized. I'm much bigger than you, how do you think that makes me feel?'

"Understood. I don't call myself plus sized. I'm not plus-sized. I'm like size 12."

She continued: "[An article] said I am embracing my new plus-sized model body or whatever it was. One, I'm not a model. Two, I'm not a plus-sized model. I think they basically took what I said out of context from a story about four months ago.

"So I basically responded to another article about four months ago saying, 'Oh I keep getting called plus sized. That's not something I thought I was or something that needed to be addressed'.

She then clarified her position on the phrase – and rejected being labelled it.

The former EastEnders star continued: "I don't see myself as plus sized, I'm not a plus-sized model.

"But if people want to call me plus-sized, then I'm fully here for it, because there's nothing wrong with being a slightly larger woman, or slightly smaller, whatever it is.

"People just take things too seriously and people put words into your mouth. I don't ever call myself a plus-sized model nor do people I know. I'm not a plus sized model, of course I'm not. I'm not a model!"

She added: "I hate the word the plus-sized, I really do, I think it's really sh*t.

"I'm a size 12 and I don't claim to be something different. I am not ashamed of how I look. I like my size 12 body and I like my size 14 a***, it is what it f***ing is. I'm here for it.

"Would I like to be slimmer? Probably. Can I not eat pancakes for breakfast? No. Swings and roundabouts."

The original quotes date back to July when Jacqueline thanked fans for their support when she uploaded some unedited images of herself in Ibiza.

She said at the time: "The truth is I don't care I'm not a model size eight. I did used to be. I absolutely loved being size eight but now I'm a size 12, sometimes size 14 in bottoms because of my big legs and bum.

"That's actually okay, because I've never seen it as plus-size.

"Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. It makes me feel really sad that there's people out there who think they can't post bikini shots because they have a few rolls or they're a bigger size than somebody else is."

She added: "I never really had a huge problem with being bigger. I really do just think you are who you are. I hate the word plus size, but if I am plus size I'm here for it."

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