Michael Jayston, known for his key role in the Only Fools and Horses episode ‘Time on Our Hands,' has a romantic past you may not know about with an EastEnders star.

In 1965 the actor married Lynn Farleigh who would go to play EastEnders character Nora White from 2013 to 2014.

The pair married for five years before eventually breaking up, with Lynn now married to actor John Woodvine, who played an Archbishop in the Netflix series The Crown, with the pair welcoming two children together.

Michael would go on to marry Elizabeth Ann Smithson in 1978 and together they have two children.

Michael has made a number of appearances on the screen since his Only Fool and Horses role in productions such as Doctor Who, Corrie and even EastEnders at one point.

It was the Only Fools and Horses episode that captured fans' hearts though, with Michael playing a pivotal role in the future of the Trotters in the 1996 Christmas special.

The episode was watched by over 24.3million viewers, the highest viewing record for a comedy TV show ever in the UK.

Michael plays Raquel’s dad James, the character that would go on to spot an antique watch belonging to the brothers, suggesting it may be worth something.

The pair go on to sell the watch at Sotheby’s for £6.2million at auction.

Michael only appeared for a short while in the show but without his arrival, the Trotters would not have gotten their happy ending.

The character of Nora only appeared in four episodes of the EastEnders, playing the mother of Carl and Adam White.

Her first appearance came in July of 2013 when Carl and his ex-girlfriend Kirsty Branning went to visit her in her nursing home to celebrate her birthday.

Nora would return in March of 2014 looking for her son Carl after not hearing from him in over two months, and audiences were aware at the time that the character had been killed in January of that year.

Nora discovers that Ronnie Mitchell had killed her son by slamming his head against the boot of a car and getting the car crushed with him inside.

After harassing Ronnie, she upped the stakes by having Nora’s other son Adam beaten up.

Nora was warned to leave the Mitchell family alone, and as a result, her character departed for good.

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