I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!'s Nicola McLean revealed she was given medical help after throwing a "hissy fit".

The 2008 series star was "bitten all over" by horrid insects and mosquitos during her time in the jungle.

During her exclusive column chat with Daily Star, Nicola told us: "I got huge bites in there from insects and mosquitoes or whatever it is.

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"But the repellent they give you was so s*** I ended up throwing a massive hissy fit and said 'unless you give m something stronger, I'm going to leave'.

"I had a bite on my bum it was so big it was impossible to sleep.

"It was so painful and the stuff they give you for the amount of bites I was getting I should have been getting an injection but obviously they try to keep it as basic as possible.

"I was bitten so badly and they were big ones and I was like 'listen, it doesn't make me any less part of the show to just get antihistamine. I am in agony'.

"And I threw the biggest tantrum in front of Martina Navratilova and she went to them and said 'you will have to sort her out because she is in agony, why would she stay if she is in agony?' And they ended up doing it – it was so sore."

Nicola also revealed that she is in "agony" every day because of her GG boobs.

The former Page 3 icon revealed that she was often in pain on the show due to bringing the "wrong bras".

Nicola said: "I should usually wear a sports bra to be fair but I don't. I went for the nicer ones instead.

"I was actually alright sleeping in there but sometimes my back did really hurt [because of my boobs] – but they do every day, not just in the jungle.

"I remember the first night I slept in the jungle on the floor in a sleeping bag and it was the best night's sleep I've ever had. I think it was because I was around nature and it was really peaceful and I like being outside.

"But yeah usually, my back is in agony most days but what do you expect? It's the price I've got to pay to have such massive boobs.

"They do give me a lot of pain but it's worth it."


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