The iCarly reboot has taken a turn for the romantic. After a 26-year-old Carly Shay experienced quite a few dating fails in season 1 of the Paramount+ series, she met a worthwhile love interest: Wes. Here’s more on Carly’s on-screen boyfriend and the actor behind Wes, Josh Plasse.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains minor spoilers for iCarly Episodes 11 and 12.]

The ‘iCarly’ reboot introduces a new love interest for Carly

In iCarly Episode 11, “iCan Fix It Myself,” Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) faces the disappointing reality that her car might be nearing its final days. She needs the vehicle towed after it breaks down, but on the bright side, she meets a hunky mechanic named Wes.

When Wes tries to convince Carly to get a new car, she becomes determined to fix it herself. However, she quickly learns that it’s harder than it looks and asks for Wes’s help. Unfortunately, he can’t save the car, but he bonds with Carly when she tells him about the memories she had in the car with her best friend, Sam (Jennette McCurdy).

Carly and Wes start dating. By the next episode, they’re taking the relationship to a new level: meeting Wes’s grandmother. After a disastrous dinner party, Wes officially calls Carly his girlfriend.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cosgrove revealed that Wes and Carly’s relationship contributes to a trip filled with “crazy stuff” in the season finale.

“There are a lot of love interests and arcs going on with relationships,” she said. “Pretty much every character on the show for the last few episodes is in some kind of a relationship. So I would say that’s the most fun, exciting thing. It all is leading up to us going on a trip together, all in relationships, and a bunch of crazy stuff is going to ensue.”

Josh Plasse plays Wes in the ‘iCarly’ reboot

Before joining the iCarly reboot cast as Wes, Josh Plasse wrote, produced, and starred in several other productions. According to IMDb, he guest-starred in Criminal Minds as Lance Kingman in 2015. He also appeared in Grown-Ish as Balty Winthrop, Grey’s Anatomy as Chris Cleaver, and American Horror Story as a waiter. Some of his films include All Out Dysfunktion!, Bad Sister, The House Behind the Wall, and Murder in the Vineyard.

Plasse’s first television starring role came in 2019 when he played Luke Baxter in The Baxters. One year later, he starred as Coen Mahoney in The Kali Karate Show. Plasse also wrote and produced for this series.

He reprised his role as Coen in a mockumentary called Kali Karate: The 2nd Beginning, which is currently in pre-production. Plasse’s other upcoming project, Tangled, is currently filming.

Plasse said his ‘iCarly’ experience was ‘different’ from his past work

For Plasse, joining the iCarly gang marked a turning point. He told Digital Journal that the experience was “surreal.”

“Being a part of a show that I grew up watching was pretty incredible for obvious reasons. But beyond that, the cast and crew were so different from any other show I’ve ever been on,” Plasse explained. “Their happiness was contagious, and it really revitalized my love for comedy.”

iCarly Season 1 is available to stream in full on Paramount+.

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