TEN years after she played Stephanie Splitz on the hit kids show LazyTown, Chloe Lang has revealed the show had split her family "in half".

Looking back on her experience on the popular children's series, Chloe Lang, shared some behind-the-scenes details.

One really important thing Chloe shared was how tough it was for her family to decide to move to Iceland for the show's filming.

In 2013, when Chloe was just ten years old, she secured the leading role on the beloved children's show.

This opportunity came with a life-changing decision for Chloe and her mother: the move to the Nordic European country.

Chloe explained that she had originally moved with just her mother, while her father stayed at home to take care of her siblings.

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“Only my mum and I moved there and my dad stayed home because I have siblings as well, " Chloe confessed.

She described the decision to relocate as "hard" for her family.

The actress shared: "So the rest of my family stayed back and it was all hands on deck. It was a hard decision for my mum at the time. But me being so young, I was like. ‘Yeah, let’s go!’ It was very exciting.”

The move paid off big time, as Chloe fell in love with Iceland and became an integral part of the show.

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As soon as lockdown hit, Chloe found herself reconnecting with her old self – sharing videos of herself dressed up as Stephanie.

She jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and became an instant viral sensation.

Chloe also managed to rack up almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, too.

She frequently shares parts of her life, including glam images, on there.

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