Gemma Collins talks to Piers Morgan about Madonna

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The new series of Life Stories returned with Piers Morgan speaking to reality star Gemma Collins about her time on The Only Way is Essex, her relationships and online trolling. The interview was particularly emotional at times but one moment saw Gemma lost for words when Piers brought up her first appearance in Snobs in 2000.

The series was a show about people who think they are a different class with Gemma revealing she was worried about it.

“How did you get the footage? Throughout my whole career, I’ve always been worried about that first programme,” she asked Piers.

The host replied: “Snobs in 2000, that was your first thing on TV.

“You went to a TV agent to see if they would take you on. Do you remember what they said to you?”

When Gemma replied “no,” Piers revealed: “She said that you, ‘…had the charisma but you were too fat to be on TV.’ And suggested you lose two stone.”

“Charming,” Gemma, 40, remarked. “Look where I am now honey? Yeah, well she can eat her words now.

“But I never gave up and I think people admire that about me.

“Yeah, I have not been blessed with, you know, a Victoria’s Secret’s body but it’s my body and I love it. I am what I am.”

“This was it. This was the door wrenching open and you, Gemma Collins, burst through,” Piers noted. “Never to go back.”

“At the time we didn’t know that, because how the producers put it to me was, ‘Look we’re gonna need you for seven weeks. Basically, at the end of seven weeks we’ll give it a review,’” Gemma recalled.

“So I thought, right I’ve got seven weeks to make sure that I never, ever turn backwards and at the end of the show that was it, signed, sealed and delivered.”

“You very quickly got two, three thousand followers on Twitter,” Piers continued.

“And with that will have come a lot of people who liked you…But a lot of abuse.”

“It was hard; I’m not gonna lie, it was hard,” the TOWIE star shared.

“There were times when fans would get online and say we hate you. I think one said, get in your car and go and have a car crash. I wish you was dead. You know.

“You have to get a very thick skin and I think that’s where the GC was created as well.

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“There is no way, if you didn’t have a thick skin—and you will know this [Piers], that you will survive in this industry.

“It’s not for everyone I’ve been able to cope with it but there’s a lot of people I know that haven’t and it can ruin your life.”

Gemma also opened up on her childhood, telling Piers: “There was no money but we had a really lovely childhood.

“I can remember having my first probably big birthday party at the Little Chef and thinking that was a really posh restaurant.

“I think my hard work and tenacity comes from my dad. He used to work all the hours under the sun and even do a night shift in a pub.”

“Your mum instilled into you a lot of self-confidence. But when you got to school, that caused people to then bully you,” Piers chipped in.

“Mocking you for your self-confidence. All those bullies who punched you and chanted at you and teased you and tried to prick that confidence, if they’re watching as you sit here in your Versace suit doing Life Stories, having just told me you’ve made a million pounds out of being Gemma Collins, what would you say to them? Does it feel good to have rubbed their taunts in their face?”

Gemma replied: “ I don’t believe in revenge and two wrongs don’t make a right. I hope that they’ve worked on something within themselves.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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