The McQueens in Hollyoaks may not have a lot to sing about at the moment given that Mercedes and clan are being terrorised by Silas Blissett – but Bethannie Hare, who plays newcomer Cher, has delighted fans with a brand new catchy single which shatters the cliches of your everyday love song.

While many songs on themes of romance have traditionally made the fairytale ending and ‘getting the guy or gal’ the end goal, Bethannie’s new hit explores the fact that being in a relationship isn’t the be all and end all – and there is much more to life that we can take for granted.

A timely message as Lockdown 2.0 looms.

Speaking to, the actress and singer enthused: ‘This is Not a Love Song is my second single – it’s a story about a girl who has been in a long term relationship which unexpectedly broke up.

‘It’s about how it’s not worth getting upset about and there are so many more important things in life to be grateful for. I think it’s really relatable – I hope people like it, it’s so nervewracking putting it out there!’

‘What I like about it is the message that you don’t necessarily always need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to be happy – one of the lyrics is about just simple pleasures like getting up on a Sunday morning, taking your time and just enjoying it. Little things in life might not seem much but they’re to be grateful for.

‘The song itself is uplifting and happy – with the situation right now, this is the one I really wanted to put out now.’

Obviously we all know Bethannie for her role in Hollyoaks – and a major storyline which revealed she killed her sister as a child has just kicked off – keeping the star very busy.

So does she prefer acting or singing?

‘I don’t think I could choose!’ she said after thinking hard. ‘I have been acting, dancing, singing since six-years-old! Imagine a musical episode of Hollyoaks! A McQueens musical.’

Get it commissioned, Lime lads and lasses.

Continuing the discussion about Cher – and what’s ahead for the McQueens – Bethannie smiled: ‘I feel so lucky to get the part, espeically with the situation right now. So many people aren’t as lucky right now and it’s so sad as auditions are harder and less. I never expected to get the part, honestly, I was with my mum when I found out and it was just like “oh my God I’ve got a part in Hollyoaks!”

‘It’s the nicest set of people – they’re like a second family and I feel like I have known them my whole life. I just want to do my best for the show and the audience and do the best job.

‘The McQueens all have their own secrets. Cher is scared about this coming to light – she has to live with this every day that she killed her sister. It’s a huge threat to her that this will be exposed. She is constantly worrying the blackmailer will reveal it.’

Was this secret as much of a surprise to Bethannie as it was to the audience? It seems so!

She revealed to us: ‘I knew there was a secret but I found out about this after the first lockdown ended and I was reading the scripts and almost welling up, it was really emotional I think. She didn’t mean to do it obviously and she has this crushing guilt about it. What happened was awful – it choked me up a fair bit.

‘I did worry that the audience would start to hate Cher for being a killer but the guilt is coming across so many people are just feeling sorry for her. The reaction has been nice and people can she her intention was never for this to happen.’

Speaking of Love Stories (and NOT Love Stories), does Bethannie think that Cher and Romeo have it in them to last long term with everything going on?

She mused: ‘I think they do yeah – obviously they’re enjoying the chase at the moment! Romeo just keeps messing up, doesn’t he? But they have strong feelings for each other – and I think they’d make a nice couple.

‘They have such similarities in many respects with their tough upbringings so they could be really good together.’

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