HOLLY Willoughby giggled as a guest on This Morning revealed her dead mother-in-law's ghost is a "mood killer" in the bedroom.

Jane Drew – who is married to psychic David – told how his late mum bounces on their bed at night.

Joan died in 1979, but still visits her son and his wife at night – even if they are about to get intimate.

"I'm going to ask a question that a lot of people are thinking now," said presenter Holly.

"The last thing they would want if they were being intimate with a loved one, for their mother-in-law to be dead or alive anywhere near the bedroom.

"What happens in that situation? Are you left well alone? Do they know?"

 Jane laughed: "It's probably a bit of a mood killer.

"But just like if you went into your son's room and caught him in a personal circumstance you would be the first to turn around and get out of there. It's exactly the same in spirit.

"They don't want to be there just as much as you don't want them to be there.

"They just step back, as if into a different dimension, and think this is something for another time."

Phillip Schofield joked: "They'll think 'oh I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

Jane didn't look impressed as she repeated: "A couple of minutes?"

She added: "I don't actually see her. I feel her bouncing on the bed. She's just visiting I guess. She sits on the side of the bed and gives me a couple of bounces to let me know it's her."

Jane says ghostly goings on at her home with husband David are "old hat".

The psychic says he first experienced seeing spirits when he was two or three years old when he was woken up by little girl shouting boo at the side of the bed.

He's even seen his mother-in-law, Jane's late mum, 89-year-old Mary who died in 2019.

"She had only been passed away a few years when I saw her stood over the bed."

He teased: "I had always said she had a face that could haunt houses. I'm joking she was a lovely lady."

One cheeky This Morning viewer reacted to the interview saying: "If I had another 2 in my bed I wouldn’t want one of them to be a ghost."

Another said: "I don’t know what’s more shocking. The fact that this couple share their bedroom with ghosts or that they’re not American."

Someone else added: "The couple with a ghost mother-in-law has problems with things that go grump in the night."

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