Carol Kirkwood issues weather warning to Dan and Sally

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BBC meteorologist Carol Kirkwood was giving a weather update when she told Dan Walker and Sally Nugent they’d be disappointed to hear next week’s weather would be a lot cooler than this week’s temperatures. Surprised, Dan asked Carol to “hold on” as he challenged her for suggesting the sun was here to stay. Carol warned the BBC Breakfast presenter he would need to rethink his wardrobe as the sun disappears next week.

“Sal and Dan, you may not like this so much, but Tuesday and Wednesday next week – for some of us, the temperatures will be 10 degrees lower than they’re going to be today,” Carol explained at the end of her report.

“Hold on, hold on,” Dan cut in. “Now I’ve put the big coat away Carol, you can’t…”

“You need to get it back out again, Dan!” the weather reporter joked.

Dan continued: “I saw you with your T-shirt yesterday, I thought ‘that’s it, summer’s here.'”

He added: “Okay, I shall heed your warning, thanks Carol.”

It came as earlier updates from Carol gave the two presenters hope for the sunny weather continuing.

“I need Carol in my life,” Dan stated prior to another weather report.

Sally chimed: “Oh, every day,” as the 59-year-old appeared to update BBC viewers.

Dan added: “She’s here, good morning, Carol! What’s happening?”

“Good morning both, thank you, Dan,” Carol commented before going on to explain there would be “a lot of sunshine around”.

She went on to add: “It will feel pleasantly warm with gentle breezes.”

As the report concluded, Sally stated: “Thank you very much indeed, I love it when Carol talks about the sunshine.”

Viewers had also been distracted by Carol’s summery outfit as she sported a floral dress on Wednesday’s show.

Twitter user @Bobnorris61 penned: “@carolkirkwood Good morning Carol. You’re looking very summery this morning.”

Marlies van Eunen wrote: “Looking very good as always @carolkirkwood I absolutely LOVE your dresses. Where do you get them?”

“@carolkirkwood Morning Carol, nice frock,” Warren McKay commented.

“@carolkirkwood Looking lovely today,” Steven Thorne remarked on Twitter while Phil Bowler wrote: “Looking great this morning.”

Carol herself also took to Twitter to give her followers the same warning.

She wrote: “Don’t put away your warm clothes just yet! At the moment it looks like next Tuesday/Wednesday are going to be colder.

“For some parts of the UK there will be a 10-degree drop in temperature compared to today @BBCBreakfast xxx.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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