HEAR'SAY'S Kym Marsh and Suzanne Shaw reunited on Instagram Live tonight – 20 years after they found out they'd made the finals of Popstars.

The duo took over the One Year No Beer Instagram account to discuss their sobriety.

Suzanne, 39, has been off the booze since the beginning of the year, while Kym, 44, has given it up for October to raise money for charity.

During their chat, Suzanne revealed her mum had kept all the clippings from her time on Popstars and the two years she was in Hear'Say.

The group – completed by Myleene Klass, Noel Sullivan and Danny Foster – shot to fame in 2000 after being put together on the ITV talent show.

They had four top 10 singles across a whirlwind two years.

Suzanne and Kym fell out when the latter left the group in 2002 after a series of arguments with her bandmates. They have since patched things up and were seen hugging at an event in 2018.

During tonight's chat, Suzanne pulled out the letter she received telling her she'd made the show finals, 20 years ago today.

The Pure and Simple singers had plenty of laughs as they recalled their pop star days, from sharing a room with Michelle from Liberty X, to bad fashion and their own toy doll range.

Suzanne said: "We were dressed in some crazy stuff at times. Towards the end we started to get some cool clothes."

Kym continued: "Yes we did. It was cool for us. As the time went on styles started to change a little bit."

Former Emmerdale actress Suzanne, turned her attention to the hairstyles of the times, saying: "I remember when we first got into the band one thing I was desperate for was hair extensions.

"I may as well have gone to the market to have them fitted as it was like somebody who had never done them before had put them in (laughs)."

And there were more laughs when they reflected on a video blunder, saying: "Remember when they took us to Marbella to film a video, and it was actually snowing and we had to re-shoot it when we came home?"

But for all the embarrassing moments, the pair looked back on the time fondly.

Kym said: "You look back and think did we do that it sometime feels like another life."

"It was amazing wasn't it," said Suzanne.

They signed off by vowing to meet in person for a coffee, coronavirus restrictions permitting.

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