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    Prince Harry's face turned red with anger as his wife Meghan Markle mentioned her first time meeting the Queen, a body language expert claimed.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's bombshell docu-series was released on Netflix yesterday (December 8), in which they talked about their love story, the royals and their relationship with British media.

    Meghan admitted in the interview that she was unprepared for the time she met the late Queen Elizabeth, recalling the moment she curtsied to her.

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    Royal experts have since slammed her for not having "some respect for the institution" in the clip as she was filmed pretending to curtsy.

    Harry looked stone-faced as he watched on and body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas has since picked up on his expressions.

    He explained on his YouTube channel: "The first part of Harry's reaction tells me that he knew what was coming.

    "He is serious even if Meghan is speaking quick joyfully but there's not connection, no empathy in him.

    "He is serious and maybe even angry, notice what happens with his throat, he is swallowing at that moment."

    Jesús also pointed out that Harry displayed contempt, which can be seen on the left side of his face.

    "He is looking at Meghan and he displays contempt. A split second after that, he looks away and presses his jaw," he explained.

    "He's maybe ashamed, maybe angry, but there is definitely an emotional reaction and he is not liking it."

    The expert pointed out a subtle detail on Harry – that his skin tone changed before and after Meghan re-enacted the curtsy.

    He detailed: "The before picture, you can see the patches of natural red on his face and right after, when he's forcing a smile because Meghan is doing that mocking.

    "You can see the patches of red on his face are much redder – the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the temples – it could be that he feels ashamed or angry.

    "I'm gonna tell you why this is covert anger and not ashamed. If he was ashamed, he would have a smile a bit more, or a nervous laughter.

    "But he knew what was coming and he couldn't stand it, that's he had that face at the beginning and had that subtle swallow right before Meghan did the curtsy."


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