HARRY Styles is digging into his millions to deal with the hysteria that still surrounds him almost four years after One Direction split.

A security team accompanies Harry wherever he goes after a fan allegedly “tormented” the star in his home and in the street.

In July, The Sun told how Pablo Tarazaga-Orero was arrested after being accused of sleeping outside Harry’s London home and pushing notes through his door.

Harry will give evidence from behind a screen when Tarazaga-Orero, who denies stalking, goes to court in October.

Until then, the singer has been advised to take extra precautions.

A source said: “Making sure Harry feels safe and protected is of paramount importance to his team.

“He’s used to having security with him when he’s working but he’s now got people watching over him when he’s off-duty, too.

“It sounds extreme but no one wants to take risks until they believe any potential threat is over.”

You’d have to be brave to go near that bodyguard.

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