Grey's Anatomy: Disney+ trailer for season 19

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On Thursday, fans tuned into ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, an instalment of drama at the beloved Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. However, the episode came to an emotional end as fans learned Catherine Fox (played by Debbie Allen) could soon meet her demise. 

Since Catherine made her first appearance on the show in season eight, she has been a beloved part of the cast. 

As well as her work as a surgeon, Catherine was also the current board chairman of the Catherine Fox Foundation. 

Much like the other characters on the show, viewers gained insight into her personal life as she got married to surgeon Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr). 

Ahead of her first episode, her son Jackon Avery (Jesse Williams) joined the hospital but wanted to keep his family history of prestigious surgeons under wraps.  

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Throughout the years, Catherine has become a fan favourite on the show, which is why fans were devastated to learn she could soon succumb to her illness. 

In season 18, the shocking diagnosis was unveiled after she addressed her neck and back problems, which turned out to be an aggressive tumour. 

At first, Catherine kept her cancer hidden from everyone including Richard, until she revealed it to Meredith and Tom Koracick, who would have had to operate on her.

Eventually, she came clean and her loved ones rallied around her with support. 

However, during episode five, it became clear her cancer was no longer in remission, as she had to make tough choices about her long-term care. 

Catherine told Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) that she wanted to enjoy the time she had left and didn’t want to be stuck in a cancer ward. 

After this revelation, viewers took to social media with misery at the prospect of Catherine dying. 

@rxsehathomir wrote: “Not Catherine’s tumour coming back this is so sad.”

A second fan @myaranae_ tweeted: “I got a bad feeling about Catherine I get why she not tryna talk about it but…Jackson needs to know.”


@CunananIlah wrote: “My heart breaks for Catherine.”

An emotional @GTion19 shared: “Catherine’s out of remission and her tumour grew in going to cry.”

A sixth fan @marvelsbuck added: “Catherine’s cancer is back. Oh nooo.”

With the cancer’s return, it was made clear that Catherine wanted to keep it a secret from her loved ones. 

Even though they’re health care professionals and would do everything to ensure she was back to full health. 

While this would be a major blow for Jackon, it would be particularly heartbreaking for Richard, whose first wife died from Alziehmers. 

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 is available in the US on ABC and available in the UK on Disney+

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